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21+ Obituary Templates

Obituary comes from the latin word ‘obitus’, which means departure. Paying homage and authoring an obit are both honorable and responsible. However, putting your pain and bereavement in words (Obituary templates for father, obituary templates for mother etc;) is a task so gruesome (at least for many), especially when you lose your loved ones.

You certainly feel that any small help at that time would be greatly appreciated while the haunting memories of the deceased crucifying the writer and keep creating roadblocks to producing the text. But now don’t worry. The help is within the reach. There are various kinds of funeral templates. You can also see Obituary Templates.

10 Best Funeral Templates Bundle in Word Format

funeral program template

Our funeral templates bundle in word format encloses 10 best funeral templates in Microsoft Word format. The beauty is that you will not find any two templates to be the one and the same. Every template is unique in its own way. They are not just meant for an eyewash, but greatly serves the purpose for the next 10 most tragic losses.

Catholic Funeral Template


Catholic funeral services are held in churches, the day after the vigil. These rituals will generally be performed during the holy week. The final journey Catholic funeral examples can be used for the funeral ceremony of your maternal grandmother, paternal grandmother, or any other aged women in your family. What do you say? Simply Amen.

Memorial Service Funeral Program

memorial service funeral program

A4 Brochure Memorial Services flashes your remembrance with all the guests recalling the memories of the deceased and their bonding with him/her. The memorial service funeral program A4 Brochure is a Funeral template which is clearly stratified from that of the routine rotten ones. Unlike some other templates in the above sections, this brochure can be used for fetuses and kids as well. Download Now

Baby Funeral Template


Babies bring joy to the families and more than anything else, they are the charm of the house. Anyone cannot imagine their deaths even in their wildest dreams. But the harsh realities sometimes force to experience the unexpected. Our baby obituary templates may not replace the damage and erase your pain, but they at least help you cope up with the dreary and say thanks to those who attended for the cremation.

Foldable Template for Funeral


Bi-folds are tri-folds can easily fit in your pockets. Also, they are the new era distributable. The above mentioned foldable funeral template with a decent look is great to be kept at funeral ceremonies for attendees purpose so that the gathering can open it easily and read it. It is very cost-effective as well.

PSD Funeral Program A4 Template


PSD templates hold the highest weightage in the section. The layered concept along with the flexibility of saving the file in multiple imagery formats makes the PSD best preferable. The above-mentioned PSD funeral program A4 Template is an honorary tribute with weeping hearts. You can use it for all the septuagenarians, octogenarians, and nonagenarians as well.

Funeral Program Invitation Card

funeralAre you looking for a simple invitation card for your family member’s funeral program? Then our funeral program invitation Card Templates are what you can download. The premium template is less than $10 and comes in 5×7 size with commercial free fonts. It is also print ready with high resolution 300 dpi.

Floral Funeral Program Brochure


PSD This PSD brochure template holds plenty of space along with placeholders, which enables you to keep the image and to write the text. Get yourself free from the subdued sighs and dry tones. Download our Floral funeral program brochure PSD and put your mournful thoughts into the letters. The template can be a fitting tribute to the ones, who sleep in the arms of Jesus. Download Now

Home Going Funeral Template

funeral program brochure

Home-going is an Afro-American Christian traditional obituary paying, which resembles the return journey of the deceased to the heaven or lord. The template, which is in the above display mirrors the perfect obit with great African-American traditional touch. You can open and edit it in Adobe Indesign or any other tool that supports the image.

Memorial Service Program

funeral invitation 4 mockup

Memorial Service Program Template is a pile up of 4 photoshop files. Difficult to believe, right? Yes. The assembling of four pieces gives you the feasibility and flexibility to edit the elements so easily. The placeholders can showcase various images that you are in along with the departed. You can even write heart-touching one liners as well along with the acknowledgments.

Heaven’s Gift Funeral Program


If you want a perfect combination of funeral templates along with the acknowledgment sayings, buy our Gift Funeral Program template. The sections include a funeral schedule that consists of the date, time, and venue, a list of pallbearers, the order of services, acknowledgment. The design is so still and sparkling with great color choices. Download Now

Lavender Funeral Program


Lavender Funeral Program Template comes with the vintage look and 8.5×11 size. is for those who left the world intermittently. The vintage theme is by choice, so if you have the only photograph of the deceased in his/her youth, you can go with this template without any second thought. For those, who think that the sad themes are disturbing, the lavender theme with purple color is a wise choice. Download Now

Modern Funeral Program


Times have changed and so is the way of paying obituary. Gone are the days of heartbroken crying for the person passed away and instead the cheerful send offs are taking place. Our Modern Funeral Program Template is one among them. The template is designed in Photoshop with 300 dpi and 17×11 size.

Victorian Funeral Program


Victorian Funeral Program Templates again takes you to the victorian era. The age-old template perfectly suits for old people. Otherwise, they hold all the required elements to anchor frame the visitor’s attention. The shabby color effect and the designs take you to the 19th century and elucidates its characteristics. Download Now

Funeral Loving Memory Bulletin Template

funeral memory bulletin template

Loving memory funeral template is of 17×11 size and costs approximately $10. You cannot stop appreciating the designers’ hard loving effort in lighting and tonal colors. All the graphics in the template are color coded. This template could be a head turner at the memorial for sure with astonishing fonts such as Helvetica, Jellyka Delicious Cake, and Georgia.

Rest in Peace Funeral Program

memorial service funeral program

Rest in Peace Funeral Program Templates bids a happy adieu to the deceased. It comes with a bold look and embosses the logo of the makers. The template spreads to 8.5×11, both inside and outside with organized layers and print-ready concept. Fonts used are Steelfish, Helvetica, and Cylburn. All the colors are CMYK. Download Now

Selfie Funeral Program

funeralNow people are going gaga over the selfies and the new self-image has become viral all over the world. This aspires us to come up with the selfie funeral program template, which is well received by all spectrums of society. The numerous downloads are the proof for this. Keep the selfie of the corpse, if any and there you are done with.

Life of Love Funeral Program

floral funeral a4 bifold brochure download
Love is eternal. Love is everything. Our Life of Love Funeral Program Template reinforces the same. It is the best way to shower you love towards the death of your loved ones. The pack comes with two photoshop files sizes 17×11. Other features consist of 6 one-click color options, but endless colors are possible.

Funeral Template for Mother

memorial mother funeral templateTemplate Mother is the first teacher for anyone. We are all blessed to learn many valuable lessons from her throughout our lives. Now in her remembrance, respectfully invite all your relatives, friends, and other well-wishers to her funeral ceremony. Take the help of our obituary templates for the mother. May her soul rest in peace.

Funeral Obituary Template

funeral invitation

We know that a thousand words can’t bring your loved ones back. We even know that a million tears also can’t get them back. But a befitting obituary will provide an opportunity to recall the fondful memories and convey the deep regards to those whom you treasure for their values and principles. Our Funeral Obituary Templates help you pay Philomena obituary to the sad demise of your dearest ones.

Sample Obituary Template

funeral checklist template

It is with the saddest regret, we announce the death of our relatives. We know that the journey is the last and the pain is unbearable. It triggers a flood of emotions. In this regard, our sample obituary templates help you rejoice their memories. Pay homage to those who fought for most of their life with the odds and uncertainties and stood as a source of inspiration with their achievements.

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