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31+ Funeral Program Templates – Free Word, PDF, PSD Documents Download!

Funeral programs are usually distributed to people attending a burial or a memorial service to inform them of what is expected in the ceremony. Additionally a program is considered to be a form of final honor to the deceased and with the program people should easily remember the deceased. To write a good free funeral program template for word, you will require to download the best free & premium funeral program template online to ensure that what you present remains to be the best.

Funeral Program Brochure Templates in Word

Funeral program template

Funeral Order of Service Program Word Template

Funeral Order of Service Program Word Template

Memorial Funeral Event Template

Funeral_brochureTemplate 2

Essence of Love PSD Funeral Program Template


Funeral Program PSD Square Brochure Design

Funeral_brochureTemplate 3

Customisable A4 Bi Fold Funeral Program Brochure

Funeral Program Brochure

Blue and Red Funeral Program Bi Fold Brochure

Red_Blue Funeral Bifold Brochures

Dog Memorial Program Card Template

Dog_memorial_Card _template

Memorial Program Bookmark Card

memorial Service Bookmark Card

Funeral Ceremony Order of Service Brochure Word Template

Funeral Ceremony Order of Service Brochure Word Template

> Funereal Templates – The Essential Elements

Be it taking the responsibility on your shoulders or assigning professionals to receive the best of support, the trickiest part of arranging a funeral program is designing on the designing and layout for the invitation notes. However, there are lots of modern day free funeral program templates and memorial templates that may just fit the character perfectly.

Get the right design with some memorable words and quotations to share, wrapped carefully under a subtle theme to make the memorial event truly memorable. There are widest ranges of editable, printable, customizable, and downloadable templates available. Send / email or free download, there are many options to grab them.

> Select Right Funeral Program Template

One of the important things to remember when picking a free funeral program template in Microsoft Word, ensure that it carries the favorite colors of the individual for whom the funeral or memorial event is being held in honor of. As the template microsoft word are customizable you can alter the color scheme to match the preferences of the deceased person.

If the person was way too much conservative, then opting for subtle shades like lavender and pink with simple designing should fit the den perfectly. If the person had a vibrant joyous persona, more wild color combination may be availed for like a perfect blend of purple, orange, and red.

Dark Funeral A4 BiFold Brochure Template

Dark Funeral A4 BiFold Brochure Template is a fully editable funeral program template that comes with layered files and 3 color variations. It has a resolution of 300 DPI and comes totally print-ready. The color mode used is CMYK. The deep dark contrasting color variation makes this template more engrossing. This template is priced at $12 USD only.

Floral Funeral A4 BiFold Brochure Download

Floral Funeral A4 BiFold Brochure is a perfect template for funeral events. It is fully editable and features layered PSD files. This customizable template is totally print ready and promises perfect bleed. It has a pixel resolution of 300 DPI and comes with 3 color variations. It uses CMYK color mode.

Funeral Program Bi Fold Brochure

Funeral Program Bi Fold Brochure

If bi fold brochure design is your preference, here is a sample which you can customize and use to design the funeral program brochure of your choosing. The sample you see above is a light blue color template which is fully layered and you can personalize it with fonts, images etc.

Elegant Green Background Funeral Brochure

Elegant Green Background Funeral Brochure


This is a free obituary program template which is loaded with an elegant green background. The space allotted for inserting the picture of the deceased is surrounded with a pattern of white and yellow flowers. The template is packed with layers, fonts, and other elements that you can easily edit. You can also see free obituary program template.

Memorial Service Funeral Program PSD Brochure

Memorial Service Funeral Program PSD Brochure
This deep maroon with yellow borders memorial program template is a beautiful and elegant example that can used to customize and create a funeral program brochure. This is a PSD format file, equipped with multiple layers, all of which are editable in Photoshop. The template is loaded with free designs and fonts.

Floral Background Funeral Brochure

Floral Background Funeral Brochure
If you’re searching for a floral design on a funeral program template, this example nails the requirement to the T. This template features a floral backdrop, great set of fonts, color contrasts and good layout. The template is fully layered with customizable files, and the template is a fully responsive one. you can also see Death Notice Template.

Funeral Program Invitation Card  5×7 Size

funeral_program_invitationcardThis is very winsome funeral program template loaded with a pink floral design. It is a fully responsive sample and the display resolution is top-most quality. The template is loaded with commerce free fonts and layered PSD files. You can easily personalize this design to produce an inspiring brochure.

Funeral Program Poster Mockup PSD A3 Size

funeral_posterDeep blue darkish background with elegant framing to display the image of the deceased is what comprises these free funeral program template microsoft word files. It has a very unique white with black designer framing structure that brings life to the invitation card. It is responsive and promises to be totally editable.

Tri Fold Funeral Program Template PSD

funeral_tri_fold_brochureVery similar to the Funeral Program Poster Mockup PSD, the most unique part of the template is its tri-fold nature. This design element makes it a little bit more compact. It comes with well-organized layer groups and enjoys a display resolution of 300 dpi. And yes, this template is totally printable.

Psd A4 Bi-Fold Funeral Program Brochure

funeral_programe_A4_brochureThis is a bi-foldable template that also has similar designing pattern like the above two. However, it has matted finishing with 300 dpi display resolution that creates a niche and suave appearance. It features well-organized layers and amazing Google fonts. This template is 100% responsive, easily customizable, and features sliced PSD files.

> Tips

When trying to zero in on the best design for your funeral program invitation cards, it is advisable that you stick to choosing colors which were a favorite of the deceased. If you’re unsure, you can consider their other likes which can be incorporated in the design of the invitation. You can also see  funeral program design for the invitation cards.

Next, consider a memorial service program template design that features some flower and landscape scenery as cover art. It will help in creating a niche and sober effect on the template cover.

Will there be any cover photo for the person. If so, then design the framing properly. You can include photo collages or single image but make sure that the right layout is selected. It must have enough room to accommodate the pictures properly.

Once decided on the design or them, you need to plan on the content. The right type of wording is essential to make for an effective and heart-warming funeral program. There are many free printable funeral program templates available online.

> Wording on the Title

Another aspect which you need to give due attention is how you word the funeral program invitation template. This is important because you need to be mindful while composing the title for the card. Ensure the words you use express gratitude and respect to the deceased person. The card can also contain the overall program itinerary as well.

> Wording on the Order

When creating funeral order, there is again an important role to be played by the correct wordings. The funeral order of service template free will feature brochure, booklet, or program. This will highlight the details of the event, everything that will take place at the memorial and funeral day. Henceforth, the right type of wording is essential. In general, wordings will mostly include events like scriptures and prayers, obituary readings, tributes, eulogy, musical preludes, etc. You can also highlight the names of participating members just beside each of these events.

> Wording on the Obituary

Funeral tribute or obituary is definitely a very crucial part of the event. It is the obituary that provides deep insight about the deceased person’s life as well the accomplishments he/she achieved. Therefore, the wordings should be carefully chosen when forming the obituary. It needs to be detailed, precise, as well properly formed. It should depend greatly on the circumstances of life and death of the deceased. There are quite a few styles and types of obituary, mostly depending on how perfectly you plan to use it. There are a few different types and styles of free obituary program template download, depending on how you intend to use it.

> Wording on the Thank You Note or Acknowledgement Letter

Letter of acknowledgement or expressing gratitude notes or funeral pamphlet are part of every funeral program. Thank you notes are mostly written in a precise and compact manner. A short paragraph, comprising of five to six lines forms the part that shows gratitude and thanks to family and friends for their presence, gifts, cards, and acts of kindness. This section can also be used to thank the medical staffs, hospitality services, as well other services providers who have been there during the time of emergency and have offered selfless services and helping hands.

> How to Present the Funeral Program:

You should write down the name of the deceased double-checking to prevent the misspelling the names. Include a photo of him/her in a more familiar way or in way that describes how he/she used to behave.

Include the date of birth and customize the information to properly suite the deceased. At times songs are included in the program, but you should consider their importance at that time. Include the actual date and time of the sample funeral program template followed by a word from a member of the family.

Memorial Funeral Program Template Photoshop Design

For fans of floral designs, this specimen is an elegant PSD template you can utilize to design a beautiful funeral program invitation card. The star of the template is obviously the light background with floral finishes. The template has space provided wherein you can insert a picture of the departed.

Essence of Love PSD Funeral Program Template

Check out this very simple yet completely stunning funeral program card template packed with light and dark shades of green. This fully customizable and fully editable template is loaded with layered files with which customization should be very easy to do in Photoshop. You can remove and replace text and images too.

Ornate Funeral Stationary Template $8

Here’s one more very lovely and decorous PSD template for funeral program. Half of the page has space dedicated for inserting a picture of the deceased whereas the remaining space is provided to accommodate text written in remembrance of the departed soul. The template has a bluish backdrop.

Memorial Funeral Event Template

This simple and elegant funeral program template in dark brown background contains photo of the deceased in front and the text is written on white background inside.

Memorial Funeral Program Template

If you would like to choose a vintage template for the funeral program card then take a look at this retro sample. It has got a rusty color for the old-school effect and it also features an elegant design wherein text remembering the deceased can be inserted.

Free Funeral Program Template Download

Basic funeral template with very nice and descriptive front page makes Free Funeral Program template a popular choice among designers. These sample funeral program templates have semi white background with designs flowing here and there. It is fully customizable and loaded with sliced PSD files. It works perfectly well with laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Ids Funeral Program Template

A modern day memorial service program template, Ids funeral program template is bi-foldable and has a matted appearance. It comes with a nice color combination of grey, white, and yellow with round framing at the center. It is fully responsive and cross-browser friendly. The template can be edited any time and it comes with several layered files.

Printable Funeral Program Template

As the name suggests, this template files are totally printable. The template has a brownish shade and creates a niche outlook. It is a single page poster template that can be customized as per requirement. It is responsive, retina ready, and comes with numerous sliced PSD files and several Google web fonts. Download this funeral order of service template free.

Printable Funeral Program Template PDF

Sky blue layout makes this funeral program template creates a cool and tranquil appearance. The design of this template depicts a peaceful layout. It is responsive and fully editable. The template has a very apt layout and design structure for developing funeral invitation cards and emails. It features printable files and sliced PSD layers.

Elegant Leather Funeral Program Design

Elegant leather funeral program design is probably the best looking memorial service template in this list. It is bi-folded and has an awesome layout with dark brown shade. Rich leather tone makes this template extremely unique. This funeral pamphlet is printable, editable and promises to be retina ready with 300 dpi resolution. This template is also cross-browser compatible.

> The Program Flow

  • The first page starts with “in the loving memory of” followed by a photo.
  • Below the photo, you should include the date of birth and the day the deceased passed on.
  • In the second page, include a simplified biography of the deceased highlighting all the considerable aspects.
  • In the third page, you should write the service order in an understandable format.
  • On the last page of the funeral program brochure, make sure you don’t miss out thanking family and friends for attending the congregation and participating in prayer for the departed soul. Furthermore, if you want the last page of the brochure to be more memorable, insert a popular quote the deceased use to say, or a generic quote would also work.

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