10+ Donation Receipt Templates – DOC, PDF

A donation receipt is the document that certifies that a donation has been made to some charity or an organization and is offered to the donor- on part of the charity. If you run a charity which often receives donations, you have to be ready with your bunch of donation receipts. To make the process simpler, it’s wiser to go for donation Deposit Receipt Templates.

Donation Receipt Template in Word

donation-receipt-template Download

Cash Receipt Template

cash-receipt-template Download

Deposit Receipt Excel Template

deposit-receipt-excel-template Download

Blank Receipt Word Template

blank-receipt-word-template Download

School Fee Receipt Template in iPages

school-fee-receipt-template-in-ipages Download

Non Profit Donation Receipt Word

non profit donation receipt word free download

The nonprofit donation sample in word can be issued by a charity organization. The amount and the property donated and the details of the appraiser can be seen mentioned in the receipt You may also see Business Receipt Template.

Tax Deductible Donation Receipt MS Word Download

tax deductible donation receipt ms word free download

The tax deductible donation receipt sample in word can be issued to acknowledge donation subject to tax deduction. The receipt has the legal details of the organization. assets.ngin.com

Church Donation Receipt Word

church donation receipt word free download

The Church Donation Receipt in word format is issued by Church to acknowledge donation for service of mankind. The name of the Church, Donor and the description of donation are mentioned. You may also see Electronic Receipt Template.

Donation Tax Receipt Doc Free Download

donation tax receipt doc free download


Non Cash Donation Receipt Doc Download

non cash donation receipt doc download


Vehicle Donation Receipt PDF Download

vehicle donation receipt pdf download


The charitable donation receipt in doc. format can be issued by a charity organization on donation of money, materials, goods etc. The donor’s details are recorded in the company receipt. The library donation receipt In PDF is issued to acknowledge donation of old books, money to library. The receipt number and the library name can be seen on the receipt. You may also see Service Receipt Template. Such a template will appear with a readymade receipt blueprint that will eliminate the need to draft the entire thing from scratch. These Receipt Templates can be customized easily so that you can enter the specific details about your charity and donation received. You may also see Work Receipt Templates.

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