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    What Is a Survey?

    A survey is a written document that is used to gather information from a sample of people. It generally provides a source of data and insights for people involved in the information economy ranging from business and academics to government and media. Surveys vary in how they are conducted, many of which have been studied by the likes of statisticians, psychologists, and methodologists. There are four common ways to conduct survey data collection: face-to-face, telephone, pencil, or computer surveys. 

    How to Make a Survey in Microsoft Word

    As mentioned, there are four ways to conduct your survey. The ones most often used are pencil and computer surveys. They are made with the help of computer programs, the most common being Microsoft Word. In this article, we will go through some steps to help you create an effective survey. 

    1. Using Microsoft Word

    Many computers already have Microsoft programs pre-installed. This is because Microsoft programs are some of the most user-friendly and easy-to-use programs available. However, if your computer doesn't have one and you cannot afford to purchase one, you can use an online version. It has the same basic functions and it only requires you to have a Microsoft account. When you do get in, follow the steps below.

    2. Survey Type

    The first thing you will need to do is identify what type of survey you want to create. Remember that the purpose of the survey is to collect data. You will need to make a separate sheet to help you keep track of the information you've collected. So here we'll look at a few of them. Satisfaction surveys are used to get insight and help you find areas that you can improve. Meeting or event surveys are used to see how successful it went so they can add or remove programs that the attendees felt necessary. Academic surveys are used for doing research on their projects, planning the curriculum, course evaluations, and learning about the performance of the school. 

    3. Set Your Objectives

    When you recognize the type of survey you want to use, you should be able to set your objectives. What kind of information are you trying to obtain? Are you after satisfaction or do you want to get feedback? It's best to make a list to help keep yourself on track.

    4. Identify the Participants

    You will have to identify who participates in your sample survey. Will it be customers who are familiar with your product and constantly use them or people who haven't tried them yet? Is it for your employees or students, for training purposes?

    5. Survey Format

    Now we can begin creating the survey itself. You can begin with a letterhead so that the participant will be able to recognize your company and who you're associated with. Next, you will have to give a brief background of your company and state your reason for conducting the survey. You can give the questions in two forms: sentences or multiple choice. The latter is commonly used for online surveys. 

    6. Put It to the Test

    When you've finished creating your survey, you can test it out on your colleagues or classmates. Try to get feedback from them about the relevance of your questions and the arrangement. You can use this to fix your simple survey