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Money is one of the things that run the world today. It is what most of us work for so we can have better-living conditions. Our hard-earned money is of great value to us. But, let us face it. At some point in our lives, we need some financial advice to help us manage our money. We cannot do it on our own since most of us just spend what we earn. However, we have to start saving up for emergencies and for the future.

This is where financial advising companies come into the picture. They lend a helping hand to those who want to put their money in the right places. These companies are extending their presence on the Internet and you can reach out to them anytime, anywhere.

If you own a financial advising company and you have not built a website yet, check out these 25 financial WordPress themes for your business needs.

SJ Financial III Theme


The SJ theme goes well with any finance-related website like financial magazines, business blogs, portals, and many more. It features a decent and clean design. The theme looks great on any device in any screen resolution as it is fully responsive. You can customize a lot of things with this theme, too.

Empire Investment Financial Theme

This template has a responsive design, so there is no need to worry about accessing it on any mobile device. Texts are flexible as well. The theme has a slider that shows the most important information and great content. It is built with Bootstrap and it is SEO-friendly.

The theme works well with corporate web pages and can double for financial websites. It offers a modern and professional design that has advanced functionality and support for search engine optimization (SEO) to get higher rankings on search engines. The theme integrates audio and video features and has parallax scrolling. It also has an existing contact form.

For financial websites aimed at telling stories and testimonials, this theme is the best choice. This eye-catching theme has a highly customizable page builder and easy-to-use widgets. It is compatible with several browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. You may also see free WordPress themes.

First Rise Theme

first rise 788x524

The First Rise theme offers a minimal design and clean typography that will make your financial website unique. It has perfect SEO elements and it optimized for mobile viewing.

Imperion Theme


The Imperion theme has a lot of uses aside from being a financial website. It can function as a portfolio designs, a digital shop, and an online shop. For every type of business, Imperion offers a creative landing page that is suited for it. It is easy to customize with a drag and drop builder, too. The theme also has an efficient 24/7 team that you can turn to for assistance in case things go wrong.

Top Consult Theme

top consult

The Top Consult theme is built with Elementor. It prioritizes mobile compatibility, so accessing the website on your smartphone is not a problem. The theme is a perfect choice for a financial website because of its clean design and subtle colors.

Financial Vision Theme

financial vision

Aside from being totally responsive to any mobile device, the Financial Vision theme displays images in high resolution as it is retina-ready. The theme gives off a reliable feeling, which is ideal for any financial companies that use it for their sites. Financial Vision is also ready for translation and supported by SEO elements.

Expenditorious Theme


The theme is usable for financial sites and business-related stuff. Accountants and financial analysts can use this theme as well. The theme’s design is reminiscent of the trendy designs of most sites today. It can be customized with a lot of theme options using the live customizer feature. Expenditorious also has easy-to-follow documentation to help you in building your site.

Financial Bureau Theme

financial bureau

The theme has a sample parallax scrolling feature that makes navigation on the site more exciting. It has 10 custom sliders which you can choose to present important information. Apart from that, the theme has newsletter and contact forms. The former enables customers to sign up for sample newsletters and stock updates while the latter is used for people to get in touch with you. It is translation-ready and accessible across major browsers.

PROvise Financial Theme

provise 788x387

PROvise has the makings of an amazing financial website. Clean and professional, the design offers multiple layout options and content modules, which allow you to put more than one type of content on your site. Other features include custom widgets and a live customizer.

Financial Advisor Agency Theme


The fully editable and responsive Financial Advisor Agency theme can be translated to several languages, including Italian, Spanish, and German. It also has background video and parallax effects. Typography can be changed with more than 600 Google fonts to choose from, too.

Raleway Lite Theme

raleway lite

Raleway Lite is a theme designed for professionals, financial advisors, consulting firms, and accountants. The theme has a clean and beautiful design that has both a professional and personal touch. It is flexible, responsive, and built with Bootstrap.

LT Finex Theme

lt finex  788x591

Investment companies and financial websites will surely benefit from using the LT Finex theme. It has a fine design that is suited for financial matters. It is also responsive on all devices and uses galleries and sliders to present images beautifully. LT Finex offers a lot of functional templates for your business needs.

Profit Consulting Theme

profit 788x524

The sharp design of the Profit Consulting theme is a perfect choice for financial and accounting companies. One thing that makes this theme stand out is its investment return calculator. You can also add more colors to your site with its unlimited color feature. The front page is customizable as well.

Agora Consulting Theme

agora 788x524

Agora already has 50 pages built for you to use. It has 10 different home pages, too. Its flexible design makes it easy to customize for financial and business sites. The theme is also retina-ready with a flexible header and footer.

Brian’s Consulting Theme

brian 788x489

Brian’s Consulting is a clean, modern, and simple-looking theme. Some if its features include a multilingual plugin, which translates the page into another language with ease; Google Maps integration, so people will not have a hard time locating your office; and parallax backgrounds.

SW Financial WordPress Theme


SW Financial has a flat design that makes the site load faster and transmit information more clearly. The theme is powered by sample WooCommerce and has a multipurpose bonus page. The theme caters to a wide range of financial needs such as financial companies, corporate and business websites, and news and magazine sites.

Concord Insurance Theme

concord 788x524

Concord is fully responsive and fits all screen sizes, with the content rendered correctly. It is customizable with its extensive collection of theme options. Concord is also SEO-ready.

Financial Advisory Theme

financial advisory 788x524

This theme is finely and expertly designed for financial companies who wish to give their sites a little twist. The theme has seven header layouts and three footers, and it also has a drag and drop builder. The theme can be connected to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Finan Theme

finan 788x524

Corporate websites and investment firms should use the Finan theme for its functionality and sleek design. It has a mobile-friendly layout that is compatible with major browsers both on desktop or mobile. The header, logo, menu, and buttons can be freely customized. Other companies that can use this theme are consulting firms, insurance firms, and loan firms.

Consultr WordPress Theme

consultr 788x524

The Consultr theme fully supports different post formats such as image, gallery, quote, and link. It has social media icons on both the header and the footer. It is also incredibly responsive and made using the Bootstrap framework. Added to that is its translation-ready feature and premium support.

The minimal design of the Site Point Business theme makes it perfect for use by finance companies, law firms, and public relations firms. The instant contact feature makes it easy for clients to connect with you. It is a fast-loading theme with easy-to-follow maps so clients will know where the head office is. Site Point Business also performs well on mobile.

Drubo Theme

drubo 788x524

If you are looking for a very polished design for your financial site, try the Drubo theme. It is a theme fit not just for financial advisors, but also for creative individuals, agencies, corporate blogs, and professional portfolios. Drubo has a wide range of options for customization if you want to improve your site a little bit more. It is a flexible theme with lots of sections for different kinds of content. Drubo also has enticing animation effects, which makes the site more engaging and cool.

Crobiz Theme

crobiz 788x524

The theme’s clean and elegant design fits all screen sizes. The header, logo, menu, and buttons can be changed. Aside from being compatible with major browsers like Chrome and Firefox, it also works well on mobile browsers. Crobiz is easy to use and can be installed easily without any hassle. Furthermore, it is backed with a valid HTML code to make sure it runs smoothly. No knowledge of basic coding is required to use this theme.

Now that you have seen all the themes on our list, which one will you be downloading for your website?

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