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134+ Newsletter Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download!

Newsletters are a smart way to spread the world about your brand to your customers. There are newsletter templates that will help you to draft newsletters easily be it for your promotional offers or latest arrivals. The newsletters are also used by institutions like schools to inform the parents about the activities and events to be organized by school. The templates appear with a pre-structured format of newsletters in various designs – you can download and customize them easily with your own data.

66+ FREE NEWSLETTER Templates - Download Now Adobe Photoshop (PSD), HTML,Outlook

Free Newsletter Template

The free newsletter templates are a great help for those who are too busy to design a newsletter from scratch. Be it for your Christmas holiday offers or a special achievement by your company, you will find free of cost readymade and easily modifiable templates for newsletters for every purpose. (9+ Free Newsletter Template)

Email Newsletter Template

Email is a vital communication medium today and hence is widely used for marketing through newsletters. The email newsletter templates are available whether you need them for your real estate company or school and so on. You will have them in readymade format with sections specified for text, logo & pictures- waiting to be filled in by your details. (8+ Email Newsletter Template)

Classroom Newsletter Template 

The classroom newsletters are sent to parents to inform them about the activities of the class and the performance of the students. Creating newsletters for all the students of your class has got easier now thanks to the pre-designed & easily modifiable classroom newsletter template- that will save you from creating the entire thing from scratch. (9+ Classroom Newsletter Template)

School Newsletter Template

School keep on sending newsletters to parents to keep them aware and updated about the different events going on in the school. It could be to inform them about the annual award ceremony or a function to be hosted by the school and so on. The school newsletter templates make the job faster and simpler for you with their editable readymade formats. (9+ School Newsletter Template)

Preschool Newsletter Template

The preschool newsletters are a smart way to maintain easy communication between the preschool and the parents- which further help the latter to stay updated about the latest happenings in the school. These newsletters will come up with fun illustrations and pre-designated sections where you can jot down the important activities in your preschool. (10+ Preschool Newsletter Template)

Christmas Newsletter Template

Newsletters are especially vital during the Christmas time as all the shops stay keen to inform their customers about their festive deals and offers. The Christmas newsletter templates come up in several designs to choose from, all arrayed in bright colors and with illustrations of Santa or the Christmas tree. (9+ Christmas Newsletter Template)

Teacher Newsletter Template

Teachers are often needed to send newsletters to parents to inform them about the latest activities in the school as well as the upcoming programs- like report card day or award function or a picnic trip and so on. Now, creating newsletters for all the parents can get tedious for you and hence you have the editable readymade teacher newsletter templates to help you. (9+ Teacher Newsletter Template)

HTML Newsletter Template

The HTML newsletter templates are really popular among smart newsletter users given their user-friendly designs and ability to add high end graphical illustrations. You will find a wide variety of such newsletters to choose from today, whether it is for your family newsletter or store newsletter or holiday newsletter or Christmas newsletter. (8+ HTML Newsletter Template)

Company Newsletter Template

Companies widely use newsletters to inform whenever there is any special news concerning the firm. It could be about some special deal or a late launch or some major appointment or change in address and so on. You have company newsletter templates to help you in drafting newsletters based on a pre-structured format to be sent to customers or employees. (10+ Company Newsletter Template)

Real Estate Newsletter Template

The real estate agents increasingly take to real estate newsletter templates whenever they have to notify their target niche about their latest house listings or discounts on property sales. While these are mainly for your new customers, you can maintain a good rapport with your old ones by offering them tips on property maintenance through newsletters. (9+ Real Estate Newsletter Template)

Monthly Newsletter Template

Newsletters are mostly sent every month by companies where either the company thanking the loyal customers for their support in the last month or to lure them with special offers in the coming month. Added to the companies, the monthly newsletter templates are also designed for schools, church and even for family newsletters. (9+ Monthly Newsletter Template)

Family Newsletter Template

Newsletters are a lovely way to share the family news among the different family members who we can’t meet regularly. The family newsletter templates come up with spaces for images, text and some of them even carry slots for videos- where you can upload the adorable videos of family celebrations & greetings. (10+ Family Newsletter Template)

Business Newsletter Template

Every business counts highly on newsletters for their marketing campaigns where they spread the world about their upcoming events, discount offers, freebies, any important launch or arrival of new products. If you are too busy to create newsletters from start, the business newsletter templates will help you in formatting professional newsletters on a pre-made format – available with space for your brand logo, slogan & promotional/ news data. (8+ Business Newsletter Templates)

Holiday Newsletter Template

It feels simply great to share your holiday memories and experiences with kith and kin and you can easily regale on your last vacation through holiday newsletters. The holiday newsletter templates will not only have space specified for the details of your trip but will even have separate areas for your exclusive holiday captures. (9+ Holiday Newsletter Template)

Microsoft Newsletter Template

When you need help in formatting a proper professional newsletter, the Microsoft newsletter templates would be really helpful. They come up with a readymade easily modifiable newsletter formats in varied designs to choose from according to your organization- be it a church or a school or a real estate company or any business. (8+ Microsoft Newsletter Template)

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