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20 Amazing Movie, Cinema, & Film Studio WordPress Themes & Templates

Movies are one of the world’s favorite mediums of best entertainment. In the span of a few hours, we are treated to a story that touches and affects us. What movies do is bring us to another dimension. There is a world within the big screen that absorbs us and makes us part of every scene. This power is made possible by the writers, directors, actors, and the entire creative production team who work hard to come up with an amazing awesome movie.

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Of course, working in the movie industry is not a walk in the park. Film studios need to expand their online presence to reach more audiences. If you are working in the film industry and you are searching for good themes for your website, check out our collection. You may also see studio website themes

Movie Star Theme

This responsive theme is built on the best Bootstrap framework and it is ideal for movie websites. You can include schedules of showing times and reviews of past movies. The design pays homage to movies that are part of pop culture.

Vysualize Theme

Films need business promotions and marketing. This theme is the perfect match for those purposes. The theme makes use of the built-in features of WordPress, so setting up the website goes smoothly. It also has an audio player and video background, which makes the theme more engaging to its visitors. The theme is mobile-friendly and responsive as well.

MovieDB WordPress Theme

The MovieDB WordPress theme takes on a similar approach to IMDB or the International Movie Database site. The theme enables you to create a movie database. It has a powerful data management system and supports all mobile devices.

Circle Film Maker Studio Theme

The Circle theme is suited for those who want to show their own work. It suits creative digital agencies and film studios. It has an elegant and modern design that is attractive to the eyes.

Ftage Theme

The Ftage theme is geared toward film makers, film studios, and movie marketers. It doubles as a movie site and a promotional tool for marketing movies. It gives off a clean and modern design that is easy to look at.

Silverscreen Theme

The Silverscreen theme’s landing page takes on a design that is similar to a camera recording a video. It has a lot of home and inner pages to choose from. The theme is also ready for translation and compatible with WooCommerce themes.

Movies Online Theme

The theme is ideal for movie streaming services. It can be translated to several languages and it is very responsive, which makes it easier to stream movies on any device.

Pixate Theme

Pixate is a multipurpose theme built for film studios and other agencies that specialize in video production. It can be used for simple wedding businesses or any other creative site, too.

VisuaFX Theme

Need a quick theme to use? VisuaFX can be installed in five minutes. It is ideal for studios of all kinds. It can be built and customized using the drag and drop Builder feature. You may also like multimedia wordpress themes

Cartoon Planet Theme

Children will surely love this colorful theme. Cartoon series and animated movies are best suited for this particular template since it is vibrant, light, and child-friendly.

Movies Theme

The clean design of the theme provides ease and comfort when streaming movies. It is also fully editable and ready for translation anytime.

Dinosaur Museum Theme

A few tweaks of this theme and it can be utilized for a film studio or movie streaming site. It has a responsive design that suits all devices.

Movies Latest Theme

Violet is the color of royalty and only the best movies are meant for this theme. It has multiple color options and it is also optimized for SEO purposes.

Movie Responsive Theme

The theme is for all kinds of movies that are available for streaming. It has a combination of dark and light designs which give the template an even texture.

Move Theme

The sample demo does not look entirely fit for film studios, but its color and arrangement can be used for one. Just change some details to suit your taste and it is good to go. You may also see classifieds wordpress themes

Movies Portal Theme

The theme is fully responsive with a black background. It has multiple color options and is fully editable, too.

Watch Movies Online Theme

The theme is for movie streaming purposes. It is editable and responsive on any device. You may also like local business wordpress themes

Video Records Theme

Video Records has a clean design that perfectly fits movie streaming services and studio-produced videos. It is easy to customize and is responsive when viewed on different screen sizes. You may also see lifestyle blog wordpress themes

NRG Video Theme

The theme is fully responsive and compatible with SEO elements. It has more than six home page layouts to choose from and has been optimized for faster speed. The theme was built using best HTML5 and Bootstrap 3.

Overview of movie production

Have you ever wondered how movies are made? Production is tiresome yet fulfilling work, and these steps in producing a movie are followed by film studios.

  1. Development. This is the first phase of the entire process. The writer and director pitches an idea to the producers. The script is developed and it may be an original story, adapted from a novel, or a reboot of a hit action movie some years back. The script serves as the backbone and framework of how the film would go, and it goes through multiple revisions before being approved for shooting. You may also see wordpress themes & templates
  1. Production. This is the time when all the preparations for the shooting will be done. People work on the set, location, props, and everything else. The production phase is a painstaking process and it needs constant communication every step of the way. You may also like best wordpress themes
  1. Principal photography. The actual shooting begins in principal for stunning photography. Cameras roll to capture the action and it is often the most expensive phase. The salaries of everyone on the set are prioritized. The cost of the props and effects used for the movie are also included in the business budget.
  1. Wrap. Once shooting ends, it is time to wrap up everything. This is where the location is cleared and every single thing used while shooting must be returned in good condition. You may also see best wordpress theme builders
  1. Post-production. This is the phase where the footage is stitched together and edited in accordance with the script. The movie is slowly assembled during post-production and one must pay attention to details while editing. You may also like Blue wordpress themes
  1. Distribution. After the editing process, the movie is prepared for distribution. Ticket prices are being negotiated and promotions for the movie are being done. This is the time for the movie to hit the best theaters and be enjoyed by many.

Always remember that designing a website is a process that needs full attention and concentration. For film studios, having a good design on your website attracts more visitors. It establishes your credibility as an entertainment house that aims to tell exceptional stories.

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