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18+ Inspiring 3D Body Paintings

Body paintings are commonly seen as part of tourist attraction and activities when traveling to beach places. Body painting is an art design for people who wants to put something painted into their skin. Now with the use of 3 dimension will give a nice effect and glow to the body painting designs. This will help to encourage people to have body painting  because of the advance technology that they are using and the effect that 3d produces to the chosen design body paint. You can also see 3D abstract painting.

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Awesome 3D Body Painting

If you want to amuse people in a different and creative way, you can use the awesome 3D body painting. In this design, the hands of a person has been creatively transformed in to a banana. The yellow paint and grey shadows give a perfect 3D appearance.

Extravagant Fort 3D Body Painting

This is a great example for funny body paintings. In this brilliant design, the arms and wrist has been transformed in to a fort. You can draw the 3 dimensional form of grass, windows, and watch towers, using body paints.

Amazing Woman 3D Body Painting

Source: | You might have seen other body painting female photos on the internet, but this one is simply breathtaking. You can use this design as a practical prank to fool people. This design will make your body invisible to the common observer.

Astonishing 3D Body Painting

How about painting your hands into a beautiful paint brush? This stunning design can transform your body into an amazing brush bucket. This is one of the most amazing body paintings images you can ever find from the internet resources.

Best Eye 3D Body Painting

This 3D body painting image is equally scary and funny. People will select this design from other body paintings pictures, because of the simplicity and elegance. This design is drawn around the mouth, to get maximum effect while you smile.

Beautiful 3D Body Painting

This is very difficult to draw, but once you finish this 3D design, people will drop their jaws seeing the effect. You will need a backless dress to exhibit this art. It will be better to do this wonderful design on woman, rather than men.

Creative Eagle 3D Body Painting

This is a brilliant example for a 3D body painting. The paint is applied on hands, to get the real effect. When you spread your fingers after drawing the design, you can get a view similar to the image displayed here.

Dynamic 3D Body Painting

This brilliant design is a representation of modern art. You can use this design to show your talent. It will be awesome to use this design on special occasions and festivals. You can also use it to scare your friends.

Abstract Woman 3D Body Painting | This is an amazing body painting art. You can use this brilliant body painting idea to amuse people. The abstract woman 3D body painting is actually a full body design. The vibrancy of colors will definitely attract people a lot.

Excellent 3D Body Painting

3D body paintings always have a way to impress and amuse people. This is an awesome body painting design, that can be used on men as well as women. This design is a  different and creative amalgamation of man and woman.

Elegant Baby 3D Body Painting | This is a two person body painting design. You and your baby can participate in this together. The painting illustrates sun rising from a mountain range. It has an inner meaning much more valuable than the visual attraction and charisma.

Extraordinary 3D Body Painting

This image is really extra ordinary in terms of creativity and charisma. The style of this beautiful painting and scenery is in much resemblance with blue Picasso. This design, undoubtedly will be in the list of top body painting designs.

Fantastic Elephant 3D Body Painting

This is another body art painting photo, that can be drawn on hand. The picture used here is that of an African elephant. It is easy to paint this 3D image on your hand. You can impress others easily with your drawing skills and presentation style.

Flawless 3D Body Painting

This is one of the most amazing body paintings you will ever see on the internet. This is an image of two star crossed lovers. You can get mind blowing reactions from people, after painting your body with this image.

Mindblowing Bird 3D Body Painting

This is the image of a bird, created by painting 3D graphical image on hands and fingers. You can exhibit this splendid painting on your body to people, and watch their reaction. It will be a different experience for most of them.

Stunning 3D Body Painting

Wonderful 3D Body Painting

Realistic 3D Body Painting

Great 3D Animal Body Painting

Source: Source: http: Source: There are samples of 3d body paintings found in the website. This will give an idea on how 3d works well and blend with the design or image chosen to put as body painting. The templates for 3d body paintings are easier and manageable to utilize as long as you have an internet connection.

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