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22+ Examples of 3D Text Effects for Designers – PSD, AI

Now you don’t need to confine yourself to Microsoft Word’s Art any longer to sketch 3D text effects, though that text tool made you familiar with three dynamic texts. The Web brings you a gamut of options to create loads of 3D Text effects. Here we have made an attempt to bring such 10 masterpieces into one article. Instead of browsing for the effect you want, you can use these samples. If you want to make a 3D font with a glossy style, black and white color scheme with the backdrop of a cool city, it is all possible with our editable and hassle-free templates. They can be edited through programs like Illustrator, InDesign, etc. You can use these text effects for your notebook or your website.

Bold 3D Text Effect Free Download

bold 3d text effect free download

This Bold 3D Text Effect in yellow color suits motels and other ladies’ emporiums. Get the layered PSD file now. Get Photoshop loaded in your system and have a smooth edit.

Graphic Design 3D Text Effect Free Download

graphic design 3d text effect free download

Instead of tussling with High-end tools such as After Effects and Vegas Pro, you can use this ready-to-use Graphic Design 3D Text that is free for your download.

Beautiful 3D Text Effect Free Download

free download beautiful 3d text effect

Another 3D Text Gloss Glow. We can see these kinds of effects in movies and other animated shows. In fact, it was modeled for cinema. But you can use it for your personal use too.

Presentation of Free Cool 3D Text Effect

presentation 3d text effect free

3D Text Effect captured from various angles. Download this and impress your clients. The flexible nature of this text template effect helps you to change the dimensions the way you want.

100 Free Advertising 3D Shiny Gold Text Effects

00 free advertising 3d shiny gold text effects

The gold-plated 3D Text is good for any kind of advertising template. This is an excerpt from the world of 3D text effects. Instead of discovering the effects right from the scratch, use this one as it is readily available.

Free Dark 3D White Text Effect of Trivia

free dark 3d text effect of trivia

When you decided to update your web page a bit, give this 3D text effect with a subtle line pattern an opportunity. Get a matching banner and profile picture and you are done. You can also see 3D Typography Tutorials.

Typography Style Free Text Effect

typography style text effects free

Are you searching for Party plugins? Here is one for you. Replace your text with this colorful 3D text effect typography and make it ready for your favorite event template.

Futuristic Text Effect Free Download

futuristic text effect free download

This text effect is for those who are dealing with robotics and other futuristic designs template. The color and the lighting effect perfectly make you ready for fusion energy.

Free Cinematic 3D Black Text Effect

free cinematic 3d text effect

The pale 3D Text effects are of the bygone era. This 3D text reveals its blazing effects in a cinematic manner. Remember the Fantastic Four movie? This easy-to-customize thing is coming for free. You can also see more on text vector.

50 Retro Text Effects Bundle

0 retro text effects bundle

Do you want to give your website a Retro look? Then have this bundle. It helps you with 50 different vintage text effects. You can use it on plain text and on vectors as well.

Realistic 3D Text Effects Bundle

realistic 3d text effects bundle

3D Illustration Text Effect

d illustration text effect

100 Typography 3D Text Effects

00 typography 3d text effects

Awesome 3D Font Text Effect

awesome 3d text effect

Modern 3D Text Effects

modern 3d text effects

Smart Object Photoshop Cool 3D Text Effect

smart object 3d text effect

50 Vintage Text Effects Bundle

0 vointage text effects bundle

3D Rendering 2017 Happy New Year Text

d rendering 2017 happy new year text

Colorful City 3D Text Effect

colorful 3d text effect

Glossy 3D Metal Text Mockup

d metal text mockup

Unique 3D Collection Text Effect

unique 3d collection text effects

Real 3D Rustic Metal Text

real 3d rustic metal text

Automatic 3D Neon Sign Text Effect

automatic 3d neon sign text effect

3D text effects can turn even the boring titles into likable ones. After all, these illustrations are not heavy-weighted ones. You can create your vibrant 3D effects using Photoshop. Hope this compilation brings to you some outstanding and highly professional 3D text effects. Now you too can start experimenting.

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