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8+ Free Printable Coloring Pages for Adults

Ever heard of one of the biggest trends that have been going on for months now? You have probably seen these around various social media. When you first heard of it, it immediately raises a brow. Yes, it’s the coloring book for adults, a trend so big right now that a lot of these books have been sold worldwide.

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Maybe you’ve been surfing the net because apparently, these books are not very cheap and you want to try one for experience yourself? In our website, we have got some adult coloring pages here for you to try! These pages are free to download, while some require licensing for a modest fee, and these pages that we have come in various high-resolution formats, so all you need to do is print and color the pages.


Free Printable Mandala Coloring Page for Adults


Free Printable Flower Coloring Page for Adults


Free Printable Geometric Coloring Page for Adults


Who Said Coloring Is for Children?

This adult coloring book, or famously called the mandala coloring book, usually involves abstract patterns of flowerlike tribal designs. The word mandala is also commonly known as a circle of geometric patterns that represent balance, a symbol used in Hinduism for rituals. The circle pertains to no end and no beginning or a cycle, much like the cycle of life. And because it represents balance, coloring along these patterns bring forth a relaxing sensation.

Coloring itself lessens stress, and since stress is an inevitable thing, especially for adults, and since we love to free things, we have provided free printable coloring pages from our pages for you to make you experience this trend they have been talking about. Here are a few of the benefits you get with coloring these mandala coloring pages:

  • Balance. By coloring along the careful lines of the geometric shapes that the mandala pattern is made of, it balances your energy, your mind, and your spirit.
  • Anxiety reduction. Anxiety is a state in which a person is excessively worrying, uneasy, and some with panic attacks. By coloring, the person may feel relaxed as they are pulled deeper by the artistic design, drawn into a state like meditation where you become so focused on the pattern and your mind becomes at ease.
  • Destress. That is a wonderful word many adults seek. As the muscle relaxes, you feel at ease and every worry goes away. That is distressing.
  • Creativity. There are no rules when coloring, so if you prefer to color outside the lines with clashing colors, then you may do so. It also helps in exercising the brain as you apply your creativity.
  • Takes you back to childhood. Who doesn’t want to go back to the time when a scabs after a bicycle accident were the only things that concerned us. Take away the bills and responsibilities and pick up a crayon and start to color. Every adult deserves time off adulthood even just for a few minutes.

Free Printable Fall Coloring Page for Adults


Free Printable Coloring Page of Car for Adults


Free Printable Animal Coloring Page for Adults


Coloring Is Fun!

You can not only find mandala patterns on our website but also the following:

  1. Fantasy Coloring Pages. To let your imagination run wild in your own fantasy world.
  2. Fairy Coloring Pages. Who doesn’t love these magical creatures?
  3. Flower Coloring Pages. Wouldn’t it be fun to see your favorite flower in a different color?
  4. Cars Coloring Pages. If you are a big fan of cars (or a big fan of Disney’s Cars franchise).
  5. Animals Coloring Pages. Seeing your favorite animal can always help you relax.
  6. Fall Coloring Pages. For people who love reds, browns, and yellows are your favorite colors and your favorite season is fall!

These pages are free to download and just waiting for you to be tested out. So try them now and let them feed your soul with tranquility and let them do an imaginary massage on your shoulders and throw all those stresses away.

Try also our website’s offering of coloring pages for girls!

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