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8+ Automotive Car Sales Flyer Templates

Whether you’ve built a car dealership or got into the hobby of buying and selling cars because it brings decent profits and you’re a car enthusiast yourself, you’ll be able to sell your vehicles a lot easier and more quickly if you put some effort in your business’ marketing strategy. Car enthusiasts won’t know you’re selling or that you can offer them the best deals if you don’t put the word out.

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Elements Of An Automotive Car Sales Flyer

Spending a little time, money and research on improving your promotional efforts could have cars selling off your dealership or get you clients more than you currently have. Even small businesses that are looking for customers can invest well in printing or using flyers as a marketing tool. If you haven’t tried this traditional way of marketing before, now might be a good time. With that said,here are the most important elements that your auto sales flyer should have:

1. Headline: Every business flyer needs to have a headline, and it has to be compelling. The headline doesn’t necessarily have to be on top of the page for it to be prominent. You can place yours near the bottom of your main illustration, text or image. This is where you’ll either draw attention or have the flyer completely ignored or thrown away if your headline fails to make an impact. Your headline should therefore contain a benefit or it should generate interest.

2. Message: This is where you list the services your dealership offers. The kind or vehicle brands it usually sells and how your vehicle choices are better than the auto dealer across the street. Your job is to present your product, just like any salesman, in comparison to other types of cars and service solutions. You need to show what your selling proposition (USP) is. What is it, that makes you the best option available for a buyer?

3. Content: Although flyers should contain more information than your usual presentation slide, that doesn’t mean you’re free to put as much content as you want. Apply the fundamental rule of design: less is more, because if you end up with a layout that is primarily composed of verbose text, people aren’t going to glance at it long enough for the flyer to make an impression. What they’ll see is a piece of material that need organizing and move on with their business.

4. Bullet Point: It pays to be concise especially when you’re short of space. But making your message concise doesn’t mean your flyer should be seen with more than 30 bullet points. Bullets are great for organizing information into smaller, digestible chunks but amateur artists tend to panic over the idea of using them. If you use bullet point the right way, then you’re okay. If you’re using them as a saving grace because you can’t think of any other alternative to make your layout effective, you may need to go over your design concept again.

5. Call To Action (CTA): The purpose of your flyer is to get your prospective customer to take a specific, desired action. Just as with your other sales and marketing efforts, your intention is to help your target recognize that they have a problem in need of a solution and to show them how your service will solve their problem.

6. Design: While the content is arguably the priority in making your flyer, design is just as important, for pretty obvious reasons. A template of a flyer customized and edited according to your dealership is okay. After all, designers use template as a guide to a design strategy or lack thereof, all the time. However, a carbon copy flyer with your usual black courier font and an obsolete clip art isn’t going to get you anywhere. You can design a professional and high-quality flyer easily in any of the current standard desktop publishing tools which are quite frankly, easy to access.

8+ Automotive Car Sales Flyer Templates

Automotive Car Sales Flyer 

Car Sales Flyer Template

Automotive Car Sale Flyer Template

Car for Sale Flyer Template

Free Auto Sales Flyer

File Format
Size: Available in (US) 8.5×11 inches + Bleed


Free Car Sales Flyer Template

File Format
Size: Available in (US) 8.5×11 inches + Bleed


Car Sale Flyer Template


Steps To Design An Excellent Automotive Car Sales Flyer

Various businesses use flyers to promote their products and services. Your auto dealership can also take advantage of using flyers both for mass printing and for digital platforms to gain more following and attract the target audience, enough for them to take action. If you want your promotion to be successful, you can use a flyer but not just any flyer. Read on to know the steps for coming up with a standout flyer design:

1. Write your content: Planning what content to include in your flyer design is very important since flyers have more information than posters. Contents with unique layers makes it easy for an audience to read and get to your message faster. Plan your content following these three major points: title, subtitle and description.

  • A good title will draw audience’ attention at the first sight. Use some powerful words to express the theme.
  • Subtitle can include some details such as when, where, how. Try to use simple words to tell about it clearly.
  • Description is used to give explanation about your events, it will give more specific information to your audience.

2. Find high-quality images: Those who are new to graphic design find it intimidating to add imagery even though it is arguably the core of their everyday tasks. A lot of them know that using clipart is pretty darn stone age but can’t think of an alternative. Luckily for them, and for many of us who tries our hand at it, adding professionally-shot images is easy when the web provides a wonderland of free stock images resources if you know where to find them.

3. Offer a test-drive: Your auto dealership can run various incentives to get people coming into your showroom and keeping them rooted there until they highly consider buying a car, car parts or accessories. For instance, you can enter anyone that comes in for a test-drive to some competition. You’ll have plenty of choices for your prizes such as a room or dinner for two, car accessories or free maintenance services for a month or two. Just make sure you have enough staff to cover for the tasks these promotions and contests involves.

4. Choose your priority points: The usual flyer size can be anything from A7 to A4 depending on the purpose. And even when you want to end up with a bigger scale, you may not have enough room to tell your business’ story or to present your whole car sales line. More than that, people may not have the time to read it. If you want your flyer to make the best possible impact, you have to choose and filter which ones to include. Apply visual hierarchy and limit your points to a select handful.

5. Print: You would have considered mass printing when you thought of designing a flyer to market your auto sales business, otherwise, what’s the point? Flyers are meant essentially for reaching a wider audience. You can also mail them out to a limited number of recipients to keep production costs at a minimum. If you want to save more money, you can print the flyers on your own, provided your printer can handle mass printing or the type of paper you’re planning to print them with. Better yet, you can have small production runs produced by a web-based printing service.

Tips In Designing An Automotive Car Sales Flyer

Whether you have long considered flyers as an essential part of your auto business’ promotional strategy or you’ve just decided to give it a try, they can make a big difference to improve your business’ visibility both online and offline, in a traditional and proven way. Here are some more tips you can use:

  • Make an effort: So you’ve selected and curated your brand’s most important messages and designed a flyer that’s simple. What could be worse than ruin it with production? When you choose to print with poor quality paper, you’ll end up with cheap-looking, faded flyers and it will say so much about your dealership’s stance on quality. Which will be anything but good. While you don’t have to print with the most expensive paper available to purchase, you can still mass-produce cost-effective flyers without having to resort to an option that could ruin your marketing altogether.
  • Say something worthwhile: People tend to easily forget the name of a store and the same could happen with your audience and your business. However, they won’t be as ready to forget what your flyer is telling them. Use this to your advantage and offer limited promotions which could draw more people to your showroom and encourage customers to be more engaging, giving you a great tool for measuring your flyer’s success.

Automotive Car Sales Flyer Sizes

Flyers can come in various sizes but these are the most common:

  • Half Sheet: 5.5 x 8.5?
  • Standard: 8.5 x 11?
  • Large Format: 11 x 17?

Whatever your main message is, treat it with importance because your flyer will be much easier to digest if your audience can instantly get what it is trying to tell them

Automotive Car Sales Flyer FAQs

What is the standard size for printing a flyer?

Most printers can handle two flyers, each 5.5? by 8.5?. Regardless of which size you end up choosing, make sure it matches with your layout and budget for printing.

How effective are flyers for marketing an auto dealership business?

When you consider other marketing platforms and tools, designing and printing flyers could easily be down below the pecking order as social media and the worldwide web in general had taken up most of our day-to-day activities. This doesn’t mean that flyers are totally out though, because as old school as they are, using them had proven time and time again that you can reach a wider audience and get your message through without having to break the bank.

No matter how known you are around the area for selling cars with of the best quality and even if you have made a name for yourself as the go-to dealership for car collectors and enthusiasts, you still need to promote your business in the best, most economic way possible. Marketing through flyers may not get you fast results but it has proven to give small and medium entrepreneurs in various industries that it does produce tangible results, with the right content and design.

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