10+ Birthday Party Flyers

A birthday party flyer is an invitation sent to the guests of a birthday party. Compared to a normal birthday invitation card, birthday party flyers are only composed of a single sheet, unfolded, and designed in a single medium. There are many ways that a birthday party flyer may be designed and there are varying factors that affect the decision on what content and design materials should be applied in a particular birthday party flyer.

We can provide you with samples of birthday party flyer templates if you want to have references in creating the birthday party flyer that you will send out to the expected guests of the party that you will host and/or organize. We also have other kinds of downloadable flyer templates usable for other occasions, celebrations, and purposes.

Surprise Birthday Party Flyer



Birthday Party Flyer for Kids



Happy Birthday Party Flyer



Retro Birthday Party Flyer



VIP Birthday Party Flyer



Princess Birthday Party Flyer



Inclusions of a Birthday Flyer

A birthday flyer is created to provide the details regarding a birthday program and a few information about the plans that will be implemented in the event. Here are a few items that should always be included in a birthday flyer:

  • The name of the person who will celebrate his / her birthday
  • The age of the birthday celebrator
  • The date and time that the birthday party is expected to be held
  • The location of the birthday party
  • The theme of the birthday party
  • The suggested attire for the guests to follow

Designing a Birthday Flyer

The design that will be applied on a birthday flyer will be based on the following variables:

  • The appropriateness of the design to the age bracket of the birthday celebrator and the guests
  • The gender of the birthday celebrator
  • The theme that will be applied in the birthday celebration. A few of the famous birthday themes include retro, fairy tale, luxury, and vintage
  • The program that will be implemented during the party

Aside from our samples of birthday flyer templates, you may also be interested to browse through and download our samples of party flyer templates.

Birthday Bash Party Flyer

Birthday Bash Party Flyer


Free Birthday Party Flyer



Birthday Anniversary Party Flyer



Birthday Club Party Flyer



Luxury Birthday Party Flyer



Kinds of Birthday Flyers

There are a variety of birthday flyers because of the different ways that a birthday may be celebrated. A few kinds of birthday flyers are as follows:

  • Surprise birthday party flyers are used to provide information about a celebration that is planned secretly. Make sure that you will know how to give them to people without being caught by the person to whom the birthday celebration is for.
  • Birthday party flyer for kids commonly have themes that are related to cartoon characters, toys, and the items that get the interest and attention of children.
  • A VIP birthday party flyer is the kind of birthday flyer that may either be given to a selected few or it may be for a birthday party where VIP access is given to the event location.
  • Birthday bash party flyers are usually created for pajama parties, night outs, drinking sessions, and the likes
  • A birthday club party flyer is used to create awareness to the invited guests that the birthday party will be celebrated in a night club. It may also include the kind of music that will be played within the entire duration of the celebration and the ambiance of the club that will serve as the location of the birthday party.

If the samples of birthday flyer templates that are available in this article are still not enough for you to fully have inspiration in creating the designs that you want to incorporate in a birthday flyer, you may also browse through our other samples of birthday flyer templates.

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