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real estate flyer is considered as one of the most effective and efficient marketing and sales document. If you want to have a wider share of the marketplace, create a real estate property flyer with the help of references like template samples.

5 Steps for Making the Best Real Estate Property Flyer

At times, developing a real estate property flyer can be time-consuming; confusing; and challenging. However, there are actually ways on how you can efficiently create the best real estate property flyer that your business can use either for special real estate announcements or for your standard marketing and sales activities. A five-step procedure to help you with this subject matter is presented below.

Step 1: Be Particular With the Identification of Your Target Audience

Your real estate property flyer should be developed with your customers or clients in mind. You need to think how your flyer tools can help you have an appeal to your target market.

Step 2: Know How to Design the Real Estate Property Flyer

After acknowledging the activities; demands; expectations; and satisfaction level of your audience, think of a design that can enable you to present your real estate property offers in an interesting manner. Make sure that the best real estate flyers that you will use can represent your real estate properties, brand, and business appropriately.

Step 3: Download a Template to Format Your Flyer Content

If you have already thought of the final flyer design that you plan to incorporate in your real estate property flyer, look for a printable and downloadable template that can allow you to execute design processes which can result to your desired flyer design output. With this, you have to make sure that the flyer design that you have in mind is attainable in consideration of your resources.

Step 4: Design the Real Estate Property Flyer

With a suitable template at hand, start designing your real estate property flyer. Ensure that you can cohesively put your flyer content together with your design materials so you can come up with a detailed content discussion worthy of your client’s attention.

Step 5: Incorporate Finishing Touches in the Flyer

Recheck the real estate property flyer first before producing it in bulk. Do not let any document errors, irrelevant details, misleading information, and/or format inconsistencies to lessen the effective usage of the flyer document for your real estate business.

14+ Real Estate Property Flyer Templates

1. Free Real Estate Home Flyer Template

File Format
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Size: 8.5×11 inches


If you plan to have competitive and beautiful flyers, provide a preview of the rooms and other strong features of the real estate property for sale. A free real estate home flyer template can become more effective as a marketing tool if you can showcase the strengths of your properties as well as their advantages when compared to the property offers of your competition.

2. Real Estate House Flyer Template

File Format
  • AI
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  • Publisher

Size: 8.5×11 inches


A beautiful real estate flyer is one that can present a variety of property features within a cohesive flyer layout design. If you will use property images as one of your real estate house flyer template designs, it will be great if you can give different angles of the real estate property for sale.

3. Free Property Management Flyer Template

File Format
  • AI
  • Word
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  • Publisher

Size: 8.5×11 inches


Nowadays, real estate property management is very important to the point that service providers are strongly marketing this offer to their target market. Unlike a standard real estate marketing flyer that showcases available property information, a free property management flyer template deals not only with the presentation of the property for sale but also the property management services that a real estate business can provide their clients with.

4. Commercial Real Estate Property in PSD

commercial-real-estate-property-in-psd Download

Is your commercial real estate property located at the heart of the business district? Are the features of the commercial property for sale at par or even better with what other real estate businesses can provide to your clients? These questions should be directly answered by your commercial real estate property flyer to ensure that you can utilize your marketing efforts.

5. Real Estate Flyer Template in PSD

real-estate-flyer-template-in-psd Download

Develop a business flyer that can persuade your target audience to invest their money on real estate properties. Use a real estate property flyer if you need help in reaching more people that have a great potential to be interested to the kind of real estate properties that you sell.

6. Real Estate Property Flyer Template

real-estate-property-flyer-template Download

If you have limited to zero idea on how you can make an effective flyer tool, then make sure to check out real estate flyer templates as they can be one of the best references out there for the particular endeavor. Even with the use of real estate flyer templates, make sure that you’ll know how to properly select color palettes, font styles, and design features that can make your real estate property flyer look impressive, properly developed, comprehensive, and well-thought.

7. Printable Real Estate Flyer

printable-real-estate-flyer Download

Find the right medium where you can print the real estate flyer. If you need to mass produce the printable real estate flyer document, then you can just select a sheet of standard business paper. For more special events like business exhibits and real estate open house, you can use board papers; scented papers; and other specialty papers that can make your real estate flyer look better.

8. Tri-Fold Real Estate Property Flyer

tri-fold-real-estate-property-flyer Download

The layout of the open house flyer or other types of real estate property flyer that you aspire to have as marketing tools should be aligned with the type of information that you will relay to your sales leads, clients, and other stakeholders. You can create a tri-fold real estate property flyer if you need a lot of sections and categorization for your real estate property presentation and discussion.

9. Real Estate & Property Flyer

real-estate-property-flyer Download

Be aware on how you can optimize the design features of your real estate and property flyer. You can use bold colors when developing the background, content blocks, and other areas of your sample flyers to get the attention of your target market. More so, you can resort with the usage of amazing design materials like vectors, icons, and images.

10. Real Estate Property Flyer Example

real-estate-property-flyer-example Download

Make the design of the real estate property flyer example subtle yet visually appealing. Allow the content of the flyer to stand out so the document can remain informative. As much as possible, use design materials and items that can give more highlight to the key points of your real estate flyer presentation.

11. Real Estate Property Flyer Design

real-estate-property-flyer-design Download

You first have to think of a design theme when selecting the flyer design and flyer templates that you will use for the creation of your real estate property flyer. How you will design the specified marketing tool can actually affect the results that you can get from using it. If you will come up with a flyer design that can get the attention of your sales leads and the current market, then it is most likely that they will be more than willing to follow your flyer’s suggested action plan.

12. Property Management and Real Estate Flyer

property-management-and-real-estate-flyer Download

The usage of a real estate flyer is not only for the presentation of real estate properties and products. It can also be usable for showcasing offered services like property management. If you want to draft compelling property management and real estate flyer, you have to make sure that you can present your real estate company as a credible and reliable corporate entity.

13. Creative Real Estate Property Flyer

creative-real-estate-property-flyer Download

Let your creative real estate property flyer be one of the marketing assets of your real estate business. With this, do not be afraid to unleash your creativity when making a real estate flyer. The uniqueness of your flyer concept and the originality of your real estate property presentation can set you apart from businesses who also offer the same products and/or service.

14. Property Real Estate Agency Flyer

Property Real Estate Agency Flyer Download

It is essential for your team to know how to market your real estate agency or business in the best fashion. Using a property real estate agency flyer appropriate can enable you to get the approval of your sales leads. Using free flyers to market your real estate services and to show who you are as a real estate entity can make it faster and more efficient for you to have more people be a part of your organic client list.

15. Real Estate Property Marketing Flyer

Real Estate Property Marketing Flyer Download

The modern real estate flyer that you will use for marketing your properties should give a concrete list of the advantages for choosing your offers rather than those from your competition. As a sales and marketing tool, a real estate marketing flyer should make the most out of the opportunity that was given to your business to connect with your desired audience.

Have you finally decided to develop a real estate property flyer that you can add to the list of your effective marketing and sales tools? Download and use your chosen real estate property flyer template from the selection above so you can have the best and most suitable open house flyer for your organization or company.

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