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9+ Car Racing Flyer Templates

From the grandeur of Grand Prix to the entertainment of NASCAR and the adrenaline surge of Formula 1, auto racing has since developed beyond just the reliability trials of car manufacturers in the early days of transport machines. Racing on the tracks for cars with the best horse powers has become a perfect opportunity for manufacturers to show off their machines, developing a luxury, sports, and specialist racing automobiles by the 1930’s. you may also see Flyer Templates.

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Free Car Racing Flyer Template

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Size: 8.5×11 inches + Bleed

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Car Racing Flyer Template

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Car Racing Flyer


Elements of a Great Car Racing Flyer

The largest car events bring thousands of spectators together, cheering for their favorite racer, or their favorite car. Most of these cars are heavily based on technology and their aerodynamics. Prominent car races such as Grand Prix still need to draw an audience and so would you if you’re hosting a car racing event. One of the best and cheapest ways around it is through designing a car racing flyer. Here are the elements of a flyer template:

1. Theme: Like any other form of visual, especially for one that you mean to print for mass distribution, a focal point is necessary. Find something about the event that would symbolize it and bring it to its visual representation while not giving away anything much. Obviously, it would be about cars, but you also have to add something specific to the design. Bring the event or the featured cars to the forefront of the layout. If it’s an important race or one with a big crowd, make it about the race itself.

2. Type and Photos: If there’s one thing that sports represent besides sportsmanship, it’s the fervor and folly, the adrenaline rush that goes with it, as well as its ability to turn grown men into a herd of screaming fans, calling for the heads of the opposing team or player. Their favorite racer’s victory is their victory and entertainment, so it makes sense to use a photo of the racer or the car or both and let it take up a large part of the flyer while still maintaining a good balance with the type and text.

3. Call To Action: A lot of flyers serve as promotional materials for movies, shows, concerts, and sports events, which means you should be able to convince the audience by designing your flyer in a way that would make them act, whether it is to ask for the date of the race, the tickets for the event. You have to be creative in making them act to generate a response as soon as possible.

4. General Information: A flyer generally contains the same information as its counterpart print materials such as brochures but like a poster, you usually have to hand it out and distribute it to people or post it around the area and near your venue. The front page should have the most important information about the race with your back page as a space for anything from a map to the location, merchandise or special offer.

Free Car Racing Flyer


Car Racing Flyer Sample


Free Car Racing Flyer Template


Steps to Design an Excellent Car Racing Flyer

A flyer’s main purpose is to draw an audience and convince them to a product launch, a sale event, a promotion or details of the service you’re offering, in seconds. It is a great chance for you to market your brand because an effective flyer design is something that translates into sales sooner than later. You may want to follow these steps to end up with a flyer that produces results:

1. Sort out the practicalities first: A flyer might one of the most economical options in order to get the word out for your upcoming car racing event, but before getting the concept of the design finalized, try to consider your budget and resources first. Get the practical issues sorted first. This may be the most boring part of the whole flyer design making process but until you’re sure you have enough money for mass printing or that your layout can also be integrated for your online platforms, you cannot have a final design just yet.

2. Add some color: Color is going to be a hugely important part of your flyer design. The right color combination will set the scene for your event, and give your flyer a strong sense of atmosphere.

3. Create a flyer campaign: Designing flyers is all about increasing visibility and getting real, tangible responses from your target audience. It’s all about spreading ‘the good news, that your event is worth coming to, and that it’s not just another masculine adrenaline display or your regular drag race. Also, getting the word out is not limited to posting the flyers. People need to see it and get it in their hands, which means you need to distribute them, especially if you want to reach a wider audience.

Car Speed Race Flyer


Free Car Race Flyer Template


Car Racing Flyer Template


Sample Drag Race Flyer


Tips in Designing a Car Racing Flyer

A car racing is all about excitement, the hype and the adrenaline that matches with the speed of the racers. Your challenge is to make a flyer which would reflect those very same things, through these tips:

1. Choose high-quality images: A great photograph can make all the difference in any type of printed promotional material. If you’re hesitant to use your own resources and don’t think you can produce professional photos from your very own hands, fret not. The internet is filled with images of the best quality which you can use for free and manipulate to suit your design concept.

2. Include key information: You may prefer to put a lot of text and type in your design but if you realize that you don’t have enough room for your graphics to fit, use a grid to the limit. Flyers are usually followed a standard A5 (148 mm x 210 mm) or A6 (105 mm x 148 mm) page size which means you’re gonna have to think of ways to fit all important details without compromising the quality of your design.

3. Play it cool: No businessman wants to end up with a poorly printed, drab flyer with nothing much to offer when it comes to aesthetics but you also want to make sure not to go overboard with a loud color scheme. Less is more. That may sound outdated and cliche but being creative actually means going with something understated sometimes.

Types of Car Racing Flyer

The type of car racing flyer you would use for an auto racing event will usually depend on the type of race it’s going to be. Read on below to determine which one would fit the race you have got planned best:

  • Drag Car Racing Flyer: The objective of drag racing is for racers to finish a complete straight-line distance ahead of a vehicle in a parallel lane. Traditionally, the distance covers ¼ mile although 1/8 mile has gained popularity since the 90’s. You can advertise the flyer to reflect the variety of vehicles that a drag race can include which is anything from your regular car to the specific dragster put together at the auto shop.
  • Off Road Car Racing Flyer: These may involve different types of modified vehicles not limited to cars. The best way to design this flyer is by using an image of off-road tracks which is often the desert in North America. It can also happen in closed short tracks such as the ones you have for Crandon Off-Road Raceway, in which case you can have the layout focus on the off-road action during the event.
  • Kart Car Racing Flyer: This type of the flyer would tell you about the event serving as a primer for serious car racers or those who are not just in it for the love of cars but for the love of the sport itself. You may want to include a display of cars on the flyer or a well-designed type since kart racing is also a fully fledged international sport in its own right with a large proportion of your most famous racers getting their head-start in it.

Car Racing Flyer Sizes

Flyers come in these standard sizes:

Half Sheet – 5.5 x 8.5?

Standard – 8.5 x 11?

Large – 11 x 17?

Car Racing Flyer FAQs

What’s the best layout for a printed racing flyer?

Designers usually go with a design having 1/2? margins on all sides, and you may want to add 1/8? for bleeds area on items that require printing of the page’s edge.

How do you design a flyer that draws attention?

You don’t only want their attention. You want them to buy tickets to the race and fill the seats to see it happening until the winners are announced, so make sure that details about the event are easy to read for your target audience and be generous with using your images on the design.

Races of various sorts around the world, with the biggest ones such as Formula1, makes headlines, bringing fame to personalities the likes of Louis Hamilton, and marketing major car makers (Mercedes, Ford, etc) to other car collectors who got money to spare. But no car racing event will ever be just another race so make sure to make a “statement” in your design that will make people want to come to the event.

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