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How to Create a Product Flyer [9+ Templates]

With the countless number of products being promoted every day, it’s hard to remember each one of them. Flyers are very effective marketing strategies that every business person or company should consider. Flyers are good for advertising due to their low cost and they’re easier to pass around. With an effective product flyer, any type of business could become stronger and more successful. This article will teach you how to create a product flyer template in five easy steps.

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5 Steps on How to Create a Product Flyer

Step 1: Determine the size of the flyer

Your flyer can be of any size and shape just as long as you have already figured out a printing method and paper to do that. It’s important to determine the size of your flyer first because this will aid you in the designing and layout process of creating a product flyer. It’s easiest to print your flyer on a 8.5 x 11 inches printer paper since this is the standard size.

Step 2: Write a compelling headline

If you want to catch the attention of a person, you should have a compelling flyer headline. You can make it bold, highlight it, or make the font size bigger so that it’s easier to be seen. In making a headline, the briefer it is, the better. Use a smart play on words and use attractive words such as “Sale”. It’s also better if your headline can fit in one line.

Step 3: Choose a flyer template

To have an effective product flyer template, you should consider using an online template. This article includes ten product flyer design templates that are pre-designed with texts, graphics, and design. When using an online template, there’s not much work to do to be able to make a flyer. These templates are also professionally-made, which means you can be guaranteed of a high-quality flyer.

Step 4: Incorporate texts, graphics, and design into your layout

Once you have already chosen a template, you can start changing the images and texts to make it more fit or appropriate for your business. Make sure that the images stay in high resolution when scaled to a different size. Start typing in the texts of your flyer content. Adjust the font size if there are too many or too little texts, just as long as it stays legible.

Step 5: Finalize and edit

After filling in the content and illustrations for your template, start finalizing the entire output. You can do it by doing a print preview of it or by printing a mockup of your flyer first. Check if there are any grammatical errors or if there’s anything in the layout that gets messed up. Print your flyer preferably in a glossy, thick stock type of paper.

9+ Product Flyer Templates

1. Pharmacy Flyer Template


Need that one, perfect flyer template? There’s no better way to promote pharmacy products other than using this Pharmacy Flyer Template. This template is professionally-made with scalable vectors and high-quality graphics for your convenience. This versatile flyer template is fully customizable and easy to edit using design software such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Publisher, and Apple Pages.

2. Modern Nail Salon Flyer Template


Check out this Modern Nail Salon Flyer Template. This template features a fun and quirky design, perfect to tingle the feminine side of every woman. Make a good first impression and have clients and customers coming back for your services with this product flyer. Download this template today!

3. Roofing Flyer Template


What better way to promote your roofing business other than this flyer template? Download this Roofing Flyer Template and boost your marketing strategy. This template can be edited using modern applications such as Apple Pages and Adobe Illustrator. Most importantly, this template is fully printable at home or the office.

4. Product Flyer Template


Download this Product Flyer Template and own a versatile flyer template that can be used for any product that you want to promote. This template is the first rate, and it uses highly scalable vectors which makes resizing, removing, changing, and moving them much easier. The layout also is very effective as it observes visual hierarchy for information.

5. Free Jewelry Shop Flyer Design


Looking for a template that is eye-catching and effective for your jewelry line? Come and get this Free Jewelry Product Flyer Template and let this flyer do the job for you. It features an elegant design and layout, perfect for people who love gold, diamonds, and other shiny things. This flyer reflects sophistication and style with its graphics and typography.

6. Free Auto Sales Flyer Template


If you need an attractive flyer that wants to catch the attention of any passerby or potential client/customer, then don’t have any second thoughts about this flyer template. Download this Free Auto Sales Flyer Template for a sure sales boost. This product flyer can do the job of efficiently promoting your business to the world. This is first rate and high in quality. Download today!

7. Product Promotion Flyer Template


Effectively promote your products and services with this Product Promotion Flyer Template. This template’s bold green and black combination are perfect to draw attention and direct a reader’s eye to the right places. This template can be jam-packed with content in a systematic way while maintaining an organized flow of information.

8. Multi-Purpose Product Flyer Template


If you need the most versatile product flyer template that you can find, then look no more and download this Multi-Purpose Product Flyer Template. This template is simple and laid back which is perfect for minimalists. This template can surely be an effective marketing tool for your business if done right.

9. Product Showcase Flyer Template

This unique Product Showcase Flyer Template will surely do the job of effectively promoting your product for you and your business. Take advantage of this very effective marketing tool to boost your sales production. This template uses high-quality graphics overlayed with scalable vectors for your editing convenience. Get this template today!

10. Product Promotion Flyer Template

Announce your products and let the world know about your business by using this Product Promotion Flyer Template. This template is very versatile and can be used to promote any product for any type of business. This template is the first rate. The design is also minimal but effective in directing a reader’s attention to the details. Grab this template now and use it as a marketing tool.

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