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How to Make a Sports Flyer [10+ Templates]

Whether it’s basketball, golf, or swimming, every person should have at least one favorite sport. Not only is playing sports physically healthy but it’s mentally and emotionally healthy as well since you get to socialize with people and be competitive. Below, we’ve got flyer templates that you can use to promote sports events.

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5 Steps to Create a Sports Flyer

Step 1: Familiarize the different flyer sizes

To give you an idea of how much space is allotted for your content, it’s best to be familiar with the different flyer sizes. The half sheet (5.5 x 8.5 inches) is best if you want compact, the large format (11 x 17 inches) is perfect for making an impact, and the standard flyer size (8.5 x 11 inches) is something in between.

Step 2: Outline the flyer’s content

Considering that you have already decided on a flyer size, you now know how much space is available for your content. Make an outline to determine the content that you can include and those that you can omit. You can also include in your outline the arrangement of the content and elements.

Step 3: Download a sports flyer template

Below, you’ll be greeted with over ten sports flyer design templates that we have gathered from the internet. These templates are very useful and will greatly help you save a lot of time if you’re creating your own sports flyers. To download a template, simply click on the “Download” button below the template of your choice.

Step 4: Add graphics and content

Although our templates here already come with elements and a pre-arranged layout, you may be allowed to customize it. With regards to the graphics, you may be allowed to add more and remove some. And for the content, just keep it as concise as you can so as not to cram the layout with too much text.

Step 5: Evaluate and proofread

Before calling it a wrap, it’s essential to evaluate and proofread the edited flyer. Evaluate the design for its level of visual appeal, and proofread the content for any grammatical error and/or misspelled words. And if everything is perfect or at least close to being perfect, you can then start printing your sports flyers.

10+ Sports Flyer Templates

1. Sports Event Flyer Design


The big game is coming! Which means you’ll need to draw in a big crowd and make sure that the event is indeed big to live up to the audience’s expectations. Then again, we’re all brought back to flyer distribution which is how we can gather our audience, and we’ve got the perfect sports flyer template above.

2. Active Sports Camp Flyer Sample


Introducing sports to children indeed has its benefits which includes early exposure to physical activities, learning to be competitive and patient, development of self-esteem, and many others. If you’re an advocate to this, you’ll probably like the sports camp flyer template above.

3. Weightlifting Gym Sports Flyer Design


According to studies, people who lift weights have a healthier cardiovascular system and a lesser chance of developing heart diseases. If this is true, then people should include resistance exercises in their workout routines, and we’ve got the ideal flyer template for that, we even have gym bi-fold brochures if you prefer them over flyers.

4. Chalkboard Basketball Sports Flyer Format


Basketball is probably one of the most watched and played sports all over the world with the NBA being considered as the premier league in men’s professional basketball. The flyer template above would be perfect for promoting basketball events and if you like how it looks, you might also like our other chalkboard flyer templates.

5. Simple Sports Club Flyer Layout


Soccer, otherwise known as American football, is another sport that’s widely known all over the world. The elements used on this flyer template may not be much but as long as you’re using the right photo, you’ll be able to make your flyers look exciting and intense.

6. Soccer Sports Flyer Format


As we have said earlier, it’s always great to expose children to sports while they are still small, this can lessen their exposure to vices and bad peer pressure. Here’s a flyer template that’s perfect for promoting soccer leagues for children, we also have sports certificate templates for those children who participated in the league.

7. Simple Sports Club Flyer Layout


Football can mean two different sports, soccer and gridiron football, with the latter being the one played in the Super Bowl. Whether you’re promoting a football camp or a tournament, you might just like our football flyer template. Aside from that, we also have a football score sheet and a football ticket invitation template for you.

8. Swimming Aquatic Sports Flyer Layout

To those who are unaware, swimming is considered as the best exercise since it helps build endurance, promote a healthy heart, and strengthen muscles and joints. In other words, swimming is an all-in-one package to a healthier body, and if you’re spearheading a swimming event, check out the flyer template above.

9. Golf Tournament Sports Flyer Example

While the previous sports templates were intended for fast-paced sports, the one above is meant to promote golf which is a sport that involves a great deal of patience. That trait, together with being observant to details, can help improve a golfer’s score. Speaking of scores, here’s a golf scorecard template that you can use.

10. Rugged Extreme Sports Flyer Sample

What are the sports that fall under the extreme category? Extreme sports include but are not limited to scuba diving, parkour, BMX, and skydiving. If you’re promoting either of the ones mentioned or one of the other sports not listed here, feel free to use the modern flyer template shown above.

11. Retro Baseball Sports Flyer Template

Some historians believe that baseball has been around since the 1300s while others claim that it was invented in the 1700s. Whichever is real, baseball has definitely come a very long way. If you’re putting together a baseball tournament, the sports event flyer template above would be an awesome choice.

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