40+ Printable Event Flyers – PSD, AI, InDesign

Don’t you just hate poor information dissemination? Well, worry no more! Flyers can surely help you with whatever it is you’re trying to get a word out. Whether it’s a huge event coming up in a couple of months that you want to go public or it’s a simple celebration that you want everyone to know about, flyers are certainly all that you need.

To spread information means to make something known to the people even without their direct response to it. It can also be something referred to as a public announcement or a reminder. This way of communication are mostly done through advertising.

Advertising product, services, and events? Feel free to check out these flyer templates.

Simple Event Planning Flyer Template


Event Night Flyer Template to Print


Printable Golf Club Event Flyer Template


Vintage Photography Event Flyer Template in Google Docs


Easy to Edit Pop Concert Event Flyer Template


Editable Jazz Event Flyer Template


Charity Event Flyer Template to Edit


Basketball Event Flyer Template to Edit


Holiday Event Flyers

Holiday Fundraising Event Flyer



Holiday Shopping Event Flyer



Music Event Flyers

Music Festival Event Flyer



Music Concert Event Flyer



Music Promotional Event Flyer



Wedding Event Flyers

Wedding Planning Event Flyer



Wedding Anniversary Event Flyer



Wedding Program Event Flyer



Wedding Reception Event Flyer



Summer Event Flyers

Summer Camp Event Flyer



Summer Art Camp Event Flyer



Uses of Flyers

Flyers can be beneficial to anyone. It could be distributed for individual purposes and personal gains and it could also be distributed by large corporations, businesses, even government reminders are sometimes delivered in flyers.

Here are basic uses of flyers that will give you on idea on which event you’ll use it soon.

  • Concerts. Your favorite artists’ concert is coming up soon and you couldn’t forgive yourself if you wouldn’t be able to make it. What if no one ever told you about it? What if not so much cared about it like you do? Thanks to concert and music event flyers, the information gets to you without even asking for it. This is an edge of giving away flyers for a particular event as not everyone would be interested but there will always be people who would still prefer to go.
  • Festivals. You wouldn’t know, not unless you’re handed a flyer. Sometimes you would not know certain festival dates and suddenly, you pick up a flyer that says there’s a place downtown celebrating a festival the following day. Wouldn’t that feel like a treat? A festival you had no idea about at all, and the next thing you’ll know is that you’re interested and you’re definitely going. Flyers have priceless uses and full of surprises.
  • Store sales and discounts. You’ll definitely rush to your favorite store upon receiving the good news through sale flyers that they’re on sale. You’ll finally be able to check if your favorite jacket is on display for a 50 percent markdown. You will surely thank flyers for this. You’ll have the information ahead of the rest and you also get the chance to pick out the best ones in your favorite store.
  • Store openings. Just look at the list of freebies all written on the flyer. You will be delighted to be informed about a store opening and get a chance to avail of many opening discounts. These flyers will be inviting enough for you to check out their new store. More so, they will continue to give flyers for possible discounts on their items and services.
  • Campaigns. Whether you jut want to make people aware of your advocacies or you just simply want to let the crowd know about bits of information, flyers are the most convenient way to do it. In pieces of paper, you could campaign using images or words. You could even use both. Your goal is to spread the information even if it wouldn’t to so significant to others.

It all boils down to getting informed earlier than the rest. While most flyers are distributed to a large number of people in various areas, at least you get to be informed through flyer than through actual announcements that are usually delayed.

Check out these Golf Event Flyers and call out guests to never miss out on a charity golf tourney you’re organizing. These flyers come in the perfect layout and designs that will surely be attractive most especially to your target audience. Let loose of your creativity and see some more of these event flyer templates.

Black Tie Event Flyers

Black Tie Gala Flyer



Black Tie Club Event Flyer



Food Event Flyers

Food Drive Event Flyer



Food Festival Event Flyer



Business Event Flyers

Business Advertising Event Flyer



Business Lunch Event Flyer



Business Seminar Event Flyer



Business Meeting Event Flyer



Dance Event Flyers

Dance School Event Flyer



Dance Event Flyer



Elegant Event Flyer

Elegant Restaurant Event Flyer



Flyer Design Hacks

Worried about your own capacity to design a flyer? Now’s definitely about time to get rid of your worries. Believe that you could make one awesome flyer even if you’re no designer at all! Flyers can be anything you want it as long as you have the will to create one.

Learn the basic steps of designing a flyer like a pro. Without compromising the visual content of your flyers, learn about alignment, format, layout and ideal flyer font styles. You just might be able to come up with simple but undeniably attractive store opening flyers.

Learn the basics so here’s how:

  • Content. The first step to making an ideal flyer is to map out all the information that you need to include in your flyer. Your goal here is to trim down all the important information into simple terms for easier comprehension. You would not need an entire list of your sponsors for example in a small piece of paper that’s supposed to only disseminate information regarding a particular event. Know which information is necessary and know which ones aren’t. If possible, you can even trim it all down to bullets so your audience would want to read throughout your flyer. That way, less is more.
  • Images. Do not worry about your style of picking the right images for your flyers. To most beginners, the part where they get to choose the right images makes them realize how poor their choices are compared to those who already know so much about making flyers. This shouldn’t let it get you, really. The internet is available for a wide source of images.

Quick Tips on Images

You do not need so much in your flyer as a couple images would already be enough. Don’t worry about Photoshop because you’ll eventually find other means. All you have to do is combine both images to make it look like it has an impact on your flyer.

Pick images that do not use too much contrasting colors and themes. Also, choose images that would make your flyers look like there’s a transition within the images.

Pick a catchy headline for your flyer. You could actually put in anywhere in your flyer as long as it is visible and readable. Headlines should be short phrases and words. It is only right that you make use of font sizes that visible mostly from afar. It drives in curiousity to your audience to read a catchy headline that would also make them want to read on the full details of your event.

Breakdown of Important Information

  • Who. Never miss out on these important details on your flyer. It matters on whoever is performing or whoever is the host of the party or simply just who’s celebrating what you have showcased in your headlines.
  • Where. Do not forget to add the venue along with details for those who might not be able to be familiar with the place of the event. A little information regarding landmarks around the vicinity would be perfectly fine. It would already be enough to lead on your guests.
  • When. Lastly, you have to be certain as to when the event is going to take place and in between which particular hours of the day. These bits of information might be the only information your audience could be looking forward to.
  • Paragraphs. This one’s not necessary, but you could add some 2 to 3 sentences written on your flyers to convince your guests to come. You could also include information on perhaps what to expect with the event or party.

What could be a great party to attend or organize next? Check out these masquerade party flyers.

Now that you’re all set, let’s move on to a few reminders about your output.

Party Event Flyers

Graduation Party Event Flyer



Electro House Party Event Flyer



Karaoke Party Event Flyer



Youth Events Flyers

Youth Basketball Event Flyer



Customized Youth Event Flyer



Sports Event Flyers

Sports and Fitness Event Flyer



 Sports Physicals Event Flyer


Bowling Event Flyers

Bowling Tournament Event Flyer



Retro Bowling Event Flyer



Bowling Championship Event Flyer



Youth Program Event Flyer



Finishing touches

You do not have to be very technical in creating your flyers. You just really have to follow through those simple hacks and guidelines and you’re good to go. You never have to be intimated with your craft ever again. As long as you are satisfied with what you made, it will definitely be something better to your audience. Keep these points in mind as you’re about done and on your way to the printing process:

  • Alignment. One advice as you go and finalize your final is, be mindful of the alignment that could possibly be excluded in the printing, if you haven’t done it right. Make sure to go through all the sides of your flyer, most especially just so you wouldn’t end up with a flyer that doesn’t contain everything you’ve worked hard on.
  • Printing. First thing to remember about printing is that it should always be of quality. Before you print your flyer in bulk, make sure that its quality will definitely be attractive to your audience. Poorly printed flyers are often disregarded and you would not want this to happen to your flyers, right? Make sure your images aren’t distorted and that your colors are the same in your flyer draft and your print out.

Summer is here and you might be throwing out a summer party soon. Call out to your friends by using these summer flyer templates to invite them for your party. You can put flyer details like images of tropical fruits and flowers. Isn’t that exciting for you? Plan out all that you need and create your own party flyers.

See more business flyers for more formal and corporate designs of flyers if you’re looking for ways to advertise your business!

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