15 Restaurant Promotion Flyer Designs & Templates

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A restaurant is a place for friends and families to bond over food. For some, it is a haven where they can relax and enjoy themselves. Great conversations always happen when food is involved, and people usually choose restaurants that they have tried before and are already comfortable with. So, how do you make sure that these people visit your restaurant? What better way to introduce your restaurant to prospective customers than through flyers? In this article, we have gathered a number of creative flyers that you can use to promote your restaurants. Let us take a look!

Weekly Special Promotion Flyer Template


Burger House Promotion Flyer Template


Vintage Restaurant Promotion Flyer Template


Restaurant Menu Promotion Flyer Template


Fast Food Restaurant Promotion Flyer Template


Reasons to use flyers

Using any promotional tool can be quite intimidating as it can ruin your restaurant’s image if it is not well-made or it has crappy content. However, you should not be afraid of testing it out as it can be a learning tool for you on how to create an effective medium to disseminate information about your restaurant. So, to get that fear out of your system, we have provided reasons that will help convince you to use flyers as your medium of information dissemination.

  • They are cheap. Flyers are affordable. You can just use a normal bond paper for the printing and that is it. Of course, you have to buy ink cartridges or refills and you need to have a printer, too, but if you compare the expenses when using flyers to other promotional tools such as billboards, you will see a significant difference. Even though flyers are cheap, you will still get the desired results when advertising your restaurant. And, sometimes, they might even exceed expectations.
  • They solidify your restaurant’s identity. Promoting through flyers will increase your restaurant’s visibility to the public especially if it is well-designed. An impressive and memorable design for your flyers will help embed your restaurant’s image in people’s minds. Once people see a familiar dish or image from your restaurant, they will immediately remember where it came from and their memories will instantly lead to your restaurant.
  • They reach a wider market. Flyers are handy and can be fit into whatever compartment you want to put it, so you can carry it everywhere, especially since it is lightweight, too. People can easily distribute it to their family and friends or even to strangers. That way, there is an assurance that word about your restaurant will definitely be spread on a wider scale.
  • They improve your restaurant’s sales. Reaching a wider market results in an increase in sales. Once people get to obtain information about your restaurant, they will get interested about it and eventually their curiosity will get the best of them and later on, they will decide to dine in your restaurant. Expect additional entries to your list of customers and inform your staff about doubling the pace as it will get busier than ever.

Grand Opening Restaurant Promotion Flyer Template


Mexican Pizza Restaurant Promotion Flyer Template


Barbecue Restaurant Promotion Flyer Template


Chili Cook-off Restaurant Promotion Flyer Template


Cafe and Restaurant Promotion Flyer Template


Taco Tuesday Restaurant Promotion Flyer Template


Pub Burger Restaurant Promotion Flyer Template


What content should a flyer have?

Flyers can be made up of different contents, and you can only choose one for each template so people would know what to focus on. They are a great source of information that people can rely on. So, if you are wondering what topic to focus on, check out the list we have compiled below.

  • New offers. A business’ goal is not just about gaining profits but also offering products and services of great quality. But having great products and services are nothing if they are not promoted well. So, if you have new stuff that you want to spread the word about, you should use flyers as your main promotional tool for it. A flyer’s size is more than enough to put the new product in the spotlight, especially if your restaurant offers a dish that has never been created before. Also, it gives enough exposure for your new dish to entice people into trying it.
  • Specials and promos. What is great about specials and promos is that they attract customers fast. Flyers already lure in customers fast, what more if partnered up with content about specials and promos? Customers will come rushing to your restaurant and you need your staff to double the pace in order to keep up with the customer’s demands. It is going to be a very hectic day for all of you in the restaurant, so better rest well the night before and get ready for the battle that awaits you tomorrow!
  • Opening. Whether it is a soft opening or a grand one, there is no doubt that getting the word out about your restaurant’s opening is best approached with flyers. With the flyer’s extensive reach, you can easily anticipate that people would know about your restaurant’s opening faster than expected.
  • Events. Putting up an anniversary party for your restaurant? Do you have special events that you want people to participate in? Whatever celebration that event may be for, it is best to spread information about it through flyers because people are always up for parties and events. Once the word gets out, people will start spreading the news about the event. Some may be skeptical about it, especially if they only heard about it through word-of-mouth, but with flyers, validating its legitimacy is no problem at all. Distribute the flyers as far as you can so it can reach people who are not into attending events and it might even pique their interest enough to change their mind about it.
  • Menu. Enough about everything and let us focus on the menu this time. Some people will be thrilled just by looking at some of your mouthwatering dishes; hat more if they get to know about the others? Putting your menu as the content of your flyers will expose all the glory and magnificence of the food that you serve, but it will depend on you if you want to put their respective prices or not. People will get an idea of what food you prepare, so it will give them time to think what to eat when they decide to dine at your restaurant. It is a very effective way of getting new customers.

Sushi Night Restaurant Promotion Flyer Template


Steakhouse Grill Restaurant Promotion Flyer


Breakfast Restaurant Promotion Flyer Template


Italian Restaurant Promotion Flyer Template


Indian Restaurant Promotion Flyer Template


Asian Restaurant Promotion Flyer Template


Flyers are some of the most effective and efficient marketing tools for your business. A flyer is an invaluable medium that would help you communicate with your customers. If you have a problem with choosing which one, take a seat back and get back to it later. Take as much time as you want because deciding which design to represent your restaurant’s identity is not an easy task. Go over each of them and carefully pick the right one because your restaurant’s reputation is at stake.

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