65+ Printable Birthday Invitation Templates

When we say “Happy Birthday!” it is just another way of saying “You are a year older!” Defining it as “an event for a celebrant to enjoy a person’s natal day with lots of goodies and food” is plainly an understatement. A birthday holds a much deeper and significant meaning. It is a moment to be grateful for another glorious year in your life. It is one of the important events in your milestone in which you get to celebrate it together with the people you love and the people who are always there all throughout your journey.

Whenever there are birthday celebrations, of course, invitations will always come in handy. Invitations can be in different forms such as a card, banner, flyer, and so on. But the most common among the options given is the card one. Invitation cards come in various styles, colors, and textures too. Some even have fancy embellishments attached. Here, we offer birthday invitations with amazing designs. They are all downloadable too. Check below for more samples you could download.

Bowling Birthday Invitation to Print


Free Download

Free Happy Birthday Invitation Template to Edit


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Free Printable Birthday Invitation

Birthday Breakfast Invitation Template


Candyland Birthday Invitation Template


Free Printable Birthday Invitation Card

-Free Printable Birthday Invitation Card


Free Printable 1st Birthday Invitation

-Free Printable 1st Birthday Invitation


Free Printable Birthday Party Invitation

-Free Printable Birthday Party Invitation


Printable Birthday Invitation Card

1st Birthday Invitation Card

-1st Birthday Invitation Card


Birthday Party Invitation Card

-Birthday Party Invitation Card


Printable Retro Birthday Invitation Card

-Printable Retro Birthday Invitation Card


Printable Frozen Birthday Invitation

Free Frozen Birthday Invitation

-Free Frozen Birthday Invitation


Frozen Birthday Party Invitation

- Frozen Birthday Party Invitation


Frozen Photo Birthday Invitation

-Photo Frozen Birthday Invitation


Printable Minecraft Birthday Invitation

Free Minecraft Birthday Invitation

-Free Mine-craft Birthday Invitation


Minecraft Birthday Party Invitation

-Mine-craft Birthday Party Invitation


Minecraft Photo Birthday Invitation



Printable 1st Birthday Invitation

1st Birthday Invitation for Boys

-Boy 1st Birthday Invitation


1st Birthday Invitation Card

-1st Birthday Invitation Card


Printable 1st Birthday Invitation for Girls

-Printable Girl 1st Birthday Invitation


Some Interesting and Weird Facts about Birthdays

One of the most memorable occasions that we get to celebrate every once a year is a birthday—having fun together with our family and friends, and we can also get to see people that we have not seen for quite a long time. Birthdays are special celebrations that will always have a spot in everyone’s heart. We can look back those past events in our lives and be thankful for another new chapter of the year. Apart from being a special occasion, here are some fun and weird facts about birthdays that probably you have not heard yet:

  • The earliest known use of the phrase “birthday cake” listed in the Oxford Dictionary was in 1785.
  • Majority of East Asian countries believe that the day a person is born is considered to be its first birthday and the second birthday occurs at the age of one.
  • The month that has people sharing the most birthdays is August. July and September are the other months that rank high.
  • Anne Frank’s world famous diary was given to her as a present for her 13th birthday.
  • 200 years ago, the Germans also created birthday cakes. The first of these cakes were sweetened bread dough topped with sugar.
  • In the 19th and early 20th centuries, a popular 21st birthday present was to have all your teeth removed and replaced with a set of dentures – the idea was it would prevent the expense of dental treatment later in life.
  • The most popular rendition of “Happy Birthday to You” is when Marilyn Monroe sang it to President John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Garden on May 19, 1962.
  • The song “Good Morning to You” was written by Mildred Hill and Dr. Patty hill in 1893, for Kindergarten schools. Later, she then changed the lyrics to “Happy Birthday” after it achieved popularity.
  • When your age and date of birth are the same, the day is special and is known as the Golden Birthday. So if you where born on the 18 of the month, your golden birthday would be when you turn 18 years old.
  • Cards that play a song when you open them use more computing power than was used to send man to the moon.
  • The average garden snail moves at around 0.03 mph. If one set out on your last birthday and walked non-stop it would have traveled 263 miles. If you walked this distance non-stop you would complete it in around three days.

Birthday Natality

A birthday is an anniversary of the day on which a person was born, basically considered as a time for celebrating and giving lots of gifts for the celebrant. A day where we get to enjoy and savor the moment, rejoicing for another brand new year, looking back on the past events of our lives and thanking God that we’ve come this far.

A lot of people usually celebrate birthdays to honor their birth and for a start of new year in their lives. The tradition of celebrating birthdays started in ancient times but was not completely extensive until the start of the nineteenth century. During that time, children’s comprehension was becoming more definite, and it became a tradition to celebrate with parties and practices like spankings for good luck or blowing out of candles for making wishes.

The Romans were the first people considered to have celebrated birthdays, and they only celebrated men’s birthdays. As for women, there were no records until after more than a millennium later. Family and friends celebrated their birthdays privately, and the Roman power announced several holidays in honor of the birthdays of famous figures.

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Printable Birthday Party Invitation

Birthday Party Invitation Card

-Birthday Party Invitation Card


Surprise Birthday Party Invitation

-Surprise Birthday Party Invitation


50th Birthday Party Invitation

-50th Birthday Party Invitation


Printable Kids Birthday Invitation

Kids Birthday Party Invitation

-Kids Birthday Party Invitation


Personalized Kids Birthday Invitation

-Personalized Kids Birthday Invitation


Funny Kids Birthday Invitation

-Funny Kids Birthday Invitation


Printable Surprise Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Surprise Birthday Invitation

-Free Printable Surprise Birthday Invitation


Surprise 60th Birthday Invitation

-Surprise 60th Birthday Invitation


Printable Princess Birthday Invitation

Pirate and Princess Birthday Invitation

-Pirate and Princess Birthday Invitation


Royal Princess Birthday Invitation

-Royal Princess Birthday Invitation


Printable Vintage Birthday Invitation

Vintage Birthday Invitation Card

-Vintage Birthday Invitation Card


Vintage Carnival Birthday Invitation

-Vintage Carnival Birthday Invitation


Vintage 1st Birthday Invitation

-Vintage 1st Birthday Invitation


Printable Happy Birthday Invitation

Funny Happy Birthday Invitation

-Funny Happy Birthday Invitation


Happy Birthday Invitation Card

-Happy Birthday Invitation Card


Happy Birthday Party Invitation

-Happy Birthday Party Invitation


Printable Baby Birthday Invitation

Baby Girl Birthday Invitation

-Baby Girl Birthday Invitation


Baby Birthday Party Invitation

-Baby Birthday Party Invitation


Free Baby Birthday Invitation

-Free Baby Birthday Invitation


Ways to Make a Birthday Celebration Extra Special

Since we get to celebrate birthdays only once a year, making it more special is worth it. Below are some helpful tips on how to make your birthday celebration memorable and extraordinary.

  • Zero cool day! Make the celebrant’s day full of awesomeness. Think of all things the love (favorite places to have fun or favorite places to eat) and fill their day with it. Each stop could be a surprise, with the celebrant being dashed from on thing to another at the very start of the day. Or if you want, you can hand them down the full itinerary as a surprise gift.
  • Oft-repeated gifting. No one who does not like gifts right? Everyone loves them, of course, so why not keep that feeling going all through the day? You could give a birthday present once every hour (or every few hours), saving the biggest/best gift for last.
  • 12 days of birthday happiness. This is similar to the Christmas song; however, with a birthday present leading up to someone’s birthday. For example, if your big birthday gift is a weekend getaway to a resort, each smaller gift for the first 11 days could be a clue leading up to another bigger clue until celebrant will be able to get a hint of what the major present is.
  • Torrent of balloons. Nothing says birthday like balloons! They are one of the iconic things during birthday celebrations. Surprise your kids, your significant other, or roommate with an avalanche of balloons as soon as they open the door. This is generally done while the birthday person is sleeping, but it would be pretty great for a surprise party, too! Or you could put a birthday present in a closet, and then fill the closet with balloons, so the moment they will open it, they will be surprised with all the balloons bursting out.
  • Package filled with love. Remember when getting mail was still fun? Well, not mentioning all those annoying bills. If you can’t be with someone on their birthday, bring back some of that postal joy by sending a birthday care package. Just think of all the things you’d bring along to celebrate if you could be there, place them in a medium-size box, add in a few nods to inside jokes, and ship them!
  • Card abundance. Receiving birthday cards, this will never grow old, isn’t it? How about a whole week’s worth of unique birthday cards? If you buy your cards online, you can have them all scheduled to go out on different days, so your birthday-boy or girl will get one every day leading up to their birthday.

For sure the person who will get to have these fun and exciting ideas will be having the best birthday of his or her life. So time to step up your usual game of throwing a birthday party or sending gifts to the celebrant, make them feel more special by incorporating one of these (all would be fantastic!) ideas. It pays to have a blast during a special day.

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Printable Barbie Birthday Invitation

Barbie Doll Birthday Invitation

-Barbie Doll Birthday Invitation


Free Barbie Birthday Invitation

-Free Barbie Birthday Invitation


Barbie 5th Birthday Invitation

-Barbie 5th Birthday Invitation


Printable Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitation

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitation

-Mickey and Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitation


Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitation with Photo

-Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitation with Photo


DIY Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitation

-Diy Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitation


Printable Chevron Birthday Invitation

Chevron Stripe Birthday Invitation

-Chevron Stripe Birthday Invitation


Chevron Birthday Party Invitation

-Chevron Birthday Party Invitation


Pink Chevron Birthday Invitation

-Pink Chevron Birthday Invitation


Printable Birthday Invitation Email

Happy Birthday Invitation Email

-Happy Birthday Invitation Email


Office Birthday Invitation Email

-Office Birthday Invitation Email


Printable DIY Birthday Invitation

DIY Frozen Birthday Invitation

-Diy Frozen Birthday Invitation


DIY Princess Birthday Invitation

-Diy Princess Birthday Invitation


DIY Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitation

-Diy Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitation


Printable Hello Kitty Birthday Invitation

Hello Kitty Birthday Invitation Card

-Hello Kitty Birthday Invitation Card


Hello Kitty Free Birthday Invitation

-Hello Kitty Free Birthday Invitation


Hello Kitty 1st Birthday Invitation

-Hello Kitty 1st Birthday Invitation


Printable Spiderman Birthday Invitation

Spiderman Photo Birthday Invitation

-Spiderman Photo Birthday Invitation


Spiderman Birthday Party Invitation

-Spiderman Birthday Party Invitation


Spiderman Birthday Invitation Card

-Spiderman Birthday Invitation Card


Printable Star Wars Birthday Invitation

Star Wars Birthday Invitation Card

-Star wars Birthday Invitation Card


Star Wars 5th Birthday Invitation

-Star wars 40th Birthday Invitation


 How to Make Your Own Birthday Invitation

As part of the never-ending tradition, invitations are always expected during birthday celebrations. Regardless of how special it is, if there are no people, especially those who are dear to you, the celebration will be quite lifeless. Celebrating it alone is boring, frankly speaking. That is why invitations are created so that you will have the opportunity to invite those people who made your life worthwhile, let them celebrate your natal day all together.

When it comes to invitations or birthday cards, regardless of the digital advancement, there are still those who prefer to make their own, not minding those minute details. So if you opt to make one, you can follow the steps below. Go ahead and let your hidden artisan come out.

  • Gather all the materials. The very first thing you need to is to gather all necessary materials. Here are the things you need to prepare:
    • Construction paper or cardstock and stationery
    • Coloring utensils such as markers, crayons, and colored pencils
    • Glue
    • Stickers
    • Rubber stamps or other images such as photographs, magazine pictures, or images from cards that have already been used.
  • Make a desired shape of the card. You can use a construction paper and fold it into 4 sides. Depending on the card size that you want, you can also use a piece of good quality cardstock. After, you need to cut it in half and then fold it down the middle. If you have an envelope you’d like to use for the card, fold the paper so it will fit inside the envelope.
  • Use inviting words. Since birthday parties are about celebration, be sure to translate that excitement onto the birthday invitations. You want them to be just that.
  • Determine a great design for the card. Personalize the card layout based on for whom you will be giving it and the available resources or materials that you have. Always remember that you have the anterior and posterior side of the card to embellish, so perhaps you might want to add a simple design on the front panel of the card and a personal message on the inner portion.
  • Decorate! Put catchy decorations such as stickers, stamps, or a unique fabric. Associate the card’s decorative details to the receiver. For example, if it’s your dad’s birthday and he likes to fish, you could add a stamped fisherman image and a piece of string glued to a fishing rod and anchor it to a drawing of a big fish on the front of the card. Dazzling bright colors are lifelike and fun, on the contrary, monochromatic colors tend to be more classy and elegant. A card for a child may be filled with bright colors, stamped animals, and whimsical phrases while a card for a teenager or adult may be more muted and simple.
  • Add the finishing touches. On the back portion, you can also add humorous quotes and other finishing touches. You can also add fancy decorations like glitter, rhinestones, etc., if you have them.
  • Inform guests what they need to bring. If you are having your birthday party at a pool, beach, or some other areas, let your guests know what they will need to take part in the activity. You do not want someone to be left out of an activity because they were unaware of what they needed to have.
  • Ask your guests to RSVP. This will help you keep track of how much food, beverage, or other goods you may need. The last thing on the invitation should be a request for RSVP.

You now have your very own birthday invitation card. You might find it a bit hassle, but the end product is all worth it. But if you still prefer the easy way, downloadable and editable templates are the answer. No need to look anywhere else, we’ve got you covered. There are numerous choices that we have and all contain stunning designs. Surely, you and your guests will love. Not just that, you can edit them as much as you want. If you know someone looking for cards like these, share this page to them. So what are you waiting for? Download these templates now.

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