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20+ Church Postcard Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download

Church post card templates are used as an informational cum invitational purpose. These are never used for promoting any services – rather these post cards contain information on the various rituals and religious events which are lined up for the upcoming period in the church, as well as inviting certain people and dignitaries to be present and grace the occasion. You can also see Old Postcard Templates.

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These post cards are often prepared using existing church samples and templates specific to religious events and proceedings. Mostly, church post card templates contains a cross sign along with the details of the events, date & time and the venue details of the engagement.

Harvest Church Postcard Template

In small towns and the suburbs which are economically dependent on agriculture, people consider Harvest to be an important time of the year. And the church partakes in the celebrations. If you’re sending out a postcard during Harvest time, this would be perfect for you.

Trinita dei Monti Church Spanish Postcard

Spanish architecture has made quite a name for itself, for its grandeur and magnificence. That is exactly what this postcard template shows. If you’ve been to the Trinita dei Monti Church, then you can share the experience with your friends and family by sending them this magnificent postcard.

Simple Church Postcard Bundle

A church is supposed to be the epitome of simplicity and elegance, and this template would be perfect for you if you’re sending out invites on behalf of the church, for a Harvest celebration in the town.

Mothers Day Church Postcard

A mother is no less than a blessing for children, and churches often celebrate Mothers’ Day with great pomp and splendour. If that is the case, them you might want to invite all the mothers in town to come celebrate this special day in their honour with the help of this postcard template.

Holiday Church Postcard

If your church is organizing a special trip during the Christmas holidays, you could opt for this template while urging others to join in the fun. You can download the template and fill in the necessary details wherever necessary.

Church Postcard Template

A church is a place where you can escape the melancholy of life and discover the true meaning of life and happiness. This template would be perfect if you’re sending out postcards to everyone you know, urging them to join your church.

Travel Florence Italy Church Postcard

Florence in Italy is famous for its magnificent structures, and mind boggling church buildings. If you’re travelling to Florence, you could download this template and customize it to share the beauty of the city with those you love.

Church Postcard in PSD Good News

If your church is organizing a special Sunday sermon, you could send out this postcard, with a template saying “good news”, to encourage more and more people to attend it. It would be for their benefit.

Church Postcard Template Security

One look at this postcard template, is sure to fill your mind with positivity and a sense of the universal. It has been kept simple and minimalistic. All you have to do is download it and customize the details.

Church Postcard Template for Welcome Visitor

A church, especially an antique one, is likely to get a number of visitors and tourists. If you’re one of them, you could download this template and keep a large number of postcards ready for when you get visitors. It would actually help you get publicity.

Thanksgiving Church Postcard Bundle

For Christians, Thanksgiving is a time for joy and gratitude. Churches celebrate Thanksgiving in a grand fashion. To invite people to such a Thanksgiving celebration, you can use this elegant and tastefully designed template as the invitation.

Amsterdam Western Church Holland Postcard

Amsterdam is known for its archaic buildings and beautiful churches. If you’re in Amsterdam, you could give your friends and family back home a taste of the true culture of Amsterdam with the help of this postcard template.

Old Christian Church Postcard

Old cathedrals and churches have a sense of wonder and charm associated with them. They are grand beyond imagination, and would look amazing on the cover of a postcard. The cover of the postcard has been purposely given an old, vintage look to go with the theme.

St. Nicholas Church on Water in Kiev Postcard

Kiev is a beautiful place, with even more beautiful structures and churches. This particular church is located on the water, which makes it quite popular. If you’re visiting it, you could make use of this template while sending a postcard invitation.

Sunday Church Postcard for Baptism

Baptisms are regular occurrences in churches. If you’re having your child baptised this Sunday at the church, you could use this postcard invitation template to ask your friends and family to come shower their blessings on your child.

Church Outreach Ministries Postcard Template


Church Postcard about Lifes Ups and Downs


Elegant Church Postcard Template


Customizable Church Postcard Template


Blue Church Mission Postcard Template


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