9+ Skull Illustrations


Skull art originated from the Aztecs before the Spanish colonization of Central America. The origin of the skull art started out when the Aztecs carved skull pendants and other garments in tribute to Coatlicue, the Aztec goddess of earth and death. (She wore a necklace with a pendant that includes human hearts, hands, and skulls.) However, the skull itself was the symbol of resurrection.

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Ever since, the skull symbol has a greater influence in art, especially dark arts, seeing them in paintings, illustrations, sculpture, and other forms of arts.

These 9+ Skull Graphic Design Illustrations offers high-quality designs that is suitable to every creative projects.

Skull and Crossbones Illustration

skull and crossbones illustrationDownload

Human Skull Illustration

human skull illustration

Deer Skull Illustration

deer skull illustrationDownload

Sugar Skull Illustration

sugar skull illustrationDownload

Animal Skull Illustration

animal skull illustrationDownload

Uses of Skull Ilustrations

  • Poster Illustration. The skull symbol has been really popular in gore or goth-themed artworks. During the mid-2000s rise of emo culture and the revival of punk music, these types of illustrations have been featured on different artworks and digital and print posters.
  • CD Covers. The skull symbol is the most popular design being used by rock bands as it gives out an extreme vibe.
  • T-shirt Designs. The illustrations can be used as a shirt print design, especially shirts for rock bands or any other dark-themed shirt designs.
  • Accessories. These skull designs can be used as accessory prints on as bags, wallets, scarfs, and even socks.
  • Sneakers and any other canvassed shoe texture. Some of the illustrations can be used as a print texture for sneakers or any cloth-like and canvas shoes. The skull-themed designs on shoes have risen in popularity in recent years, especially shoes designed for skaters, such as Vans and Raven shoes.
  • Book Covers. Horror-themed books can use these illustrations as the genre speaks for the symbol itself.
  • School Accessories. There are other school accessories or materials that actually use these kinds of prints; however, this may be imprinted on notebooks, designed folders, organizers, pens, and some even on tumblers.
  • Skull Tattoos. These skull Vector Illustrations can also be a perfect design for a tattoo, as this will give an angsty and strong edge on whoever wears it.

Cow Skull Illustration

cow skull illustrationDownload

Bird Skull Illustration

bird skull illustration1Download

Skull Illustration Vector

skull illustration vectorDownload

Vintage Skull Illustration

vintage skull illustrationDownload

Black and White Skull Illustration

black and white skull illustrationDownload

The Significance of Skull Symbol

Skulls can mean anything including death, but little do people know that skulls actually represent change and transformation. The skull’s death symbolism does not only pertain to physical death but also a renewal of thinking patterns or perhaps a person’s life situation, such as the meaning of death in Tarot cards.

Now this may make sense as to why the skull has been commonly used to those artists who are drawn to the dark side of life. They see life in a different and more peculiar way and have been embracing death in a more positive note. Apparently, the skull symbol reminds us that death isn’t so dark after all but more of a like a detachment to the old and giving way with the new. It is all up to us on how we embrace the new.

If you want a more simple and monochromatic types of illustrations, you can check out these Black & White Illustrations, which can be used perfectly on any of your simple design projects.

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