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Blank Colonial Newspaper TemplatA newspaper can be considered as one of the most important elements in our daily lives. Every morning as we enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea at the breakfast table, we read about the latest national and international political events, business and finance,and sports and entertainment. You may also see Sample Newspaper Templates.

A lot of the stories that you read on the newspaper play an important role that potential affect our day to day lives because it provides the readers with timely information. Thus, a newspaper is a crucial tool that allows the reader to connect with the current happenings around the world. Here we provide you with great newspaper templates if you’re thinking of distributing newspaper-type memorabilia, invitations, and even as company newsletters, as well as newspapers you could distribute among your peers.

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Political Newspaper Template

political newspaper
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  • Photoshop
  • Publisher


Financial Newspaper Template

financial newspaper
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Religious Newspaper Template

religious newspaper
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Health Newspaper Template

health newspaper
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Food and Health Newspaper Template

food and health
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Real Estate Newspaper Template

real estate news
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Interior Design Newspaper Template

interior design newspaper
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Automobile Newspaper Template

automobile news paper
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Art and Culture Newspaper Template

art and culture
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Printable Blank Newspaper Templates

Blank Front Page Newspaper Template

blank front page newspaper template2 Download

Editable Blank Newspaper Template

editable blank newspaper template Download

Printable Newspaper Layout Templates

Newspaper Article Layout Template

newspaper article layout template Download

Newspaper Layout Design Template

newspaper layout design template1 Download

Old Newspaper Layout Template

old newspaper layout template1 Download

Printable Birthday Newspaper Templates

Superhero Birthday Newspaper Template

superhero birthday newspaper template2 Download

Birthday Card Newspaper Template

birthday card newspaper template1 Download

Happy Birthday Wishes Newspaper Template

happy birthday wishes newspaper template Download

Printable Classroom Newspaper Templates

Elementary Classroom Newspaper Template

elementary classroom newspaper template Download

Classroom Management Newspaper Template

classroom management newspaper template Download

Classroom Border Newspaper Template

classroom border newspaper template Download

Printable High School  Newspaper Templates

High School Digital Newspaper Template

high school digital newspaper template Download

High School Graduation Newspaper Template

high school graduation newspaper template Download

What Is a Newspaper?

Wikipedia defines newspaper as a serial publication that covers a wide range of topics, such as the latest national and international news about politics, economy, crime, business, finance, sports, weather, as well as games and entertainment, like crossword puzzles, word search, comic strip, and horoscopes.

To make the story even more interesting to the readers, newspapers also employ the use of photographs that are relevant to the story. They also feature opinion sections called editorials that are usually written by the journalists who work for the newspaper. Although any one can buy a newspaper at any newsstand, many people find it more convenient if they are delivered to their respective doorsteps first thing in the morning.

History of Newspaper

Did you know that the publication of newspaper can be dated back some hundreds of years ago?

  • Although it is not actually considered as a “paper,” ancient Rome used to carved government announcement in metals or stones and posted them in public places.
  • In the second and third century, the Chinese government in the Han Dynasty used news sheets known as Dibao and were distributed among the court officials only.
  • During the reign of the Tang Dynasty, the Kaiyuan Za Bao, or the “Bulletin of the Court,” produced and circulated government news, which were handwritten on silk and were only distributed exclusively among the government officials.
  • It was during the Ming Dynasty that exclusively published news sheets were used in Beijing.
  • The increasing need for information in early modern Europe was resolved by short and concise handwritten news sheet known as the avvisi. The avvisi were used to quickly provide vital information on economy, politics, and military to Italian cities. However, it was not actually considered as a newspaper, and it was not intended for the ordinary people.

Over the passing years, newspapers have undergone a lot of modifications, and its biggest development was the use of the printing press to print stories on newsprint.

  • In the late 1400s, Germany was considered to be the first printed heralds of newspapers. These newspapers were produced in the form of news pamphlets featuring exaggerated contents.
  • The London Gazette of 1666 was considered to be the first true newspaper in the English country.
  • Publick Occurrences was the first ever newspaper to appear in the United States of America was in Boston in 1690. However, the publication of the said newspaper did not come with an authority that’s why its publication was halted and its publisher was arrested.
  • The Boston News-Letter was considered to be the first success newspaper in America. A postmaster named John Campbell started its publication in 1704.

The increased the number of newspaper production made it affordable for the general public. As a result, people are able to increase their public awareness of the current events. Do not forget to check out these awesome selection of newspaper mock-ups for more ideas on your office newsletters.

Printable Retro Newspaper Templates

Indesign Retro Newspaper Template

indesign retro newspaper template Download

Retro Newspaper Website Template

retro newspaper website template Download

Retro Multipurpose Newspaper Template

retro multipurpose newspaper template Download

Printable Student Newspaper Templates

Student Weekly Newspaper Template

student weekly newspaper template Download

Student Business Newspaper Template

student business newspaper template Download

Printable Sports Newspaper Templates

Sports Media Newspaper Template

sports media newspaper template Download

Sports Newspaper Headline Template

sports newspaper headline template Download

Sports Page Newspaper Template

sports page newspaper template Download

Printable A4 Newspaper Templates

Printable A4 Newspaper Template

a4 newspaper print template Download

Customized A4 Newspaper Template

customized a4 newspaper template Download

Printable Digital Newspaper Templates

Digital Scrapbook Newspaper Template

digital scrapbook newspaper template1 Download

Digital Journal Newspaper Template

digital journal newspaper template Download

Digital Marketing Newspaper Template

digital marketing newspaper template1 Download

The Major Benefits of a Newspaper

Although you can watch the television if you want to be in the loop for the latest local and international event, it still cannot beat the five major benefits one can enjoy by reading a newspaper.

  • It is still considered as the best source of information by giving a complete and comprehensive information that is sometimes not available on other media sources. Although we love watching the current news on the TV, sadly, some television stations are lacking news reporters to provide their audience with full-scale reports.
  • Unlike the wealthy television anchors and personalities, newspaper reporters are more able to connect and relate to the general public. This is because newspaper reporters are able to go to public places while researching about incident. They are able to understand and personal experience the situation at hand.
  • People can increase their world background knowledge and vocabulary through reading.
  • While a lot of television news programs pay more attention on high-profile events, newspaper provides comprehensive reports on both minor and major stories.
  • The newspaper has something to offer for everybody. Since a newspaper covers a wide range of topics, you can learn vital information based on the topic you are interested in. Let us take for example, if you are a businessman, you can look into its business and finance section and learn about the current monetary exchange or the stock market on a daily basis.

The Newspaper and Modern Technology

Over the years, the automated production of newspaper has greatly helped met the demands of the general public. What’s great with the modern technology is that you do not have to stress yourself if you are planning on writing your own newspaper—whether it is for community, school, or work purposes. All you need to do is to look to our website and find printable modern newspaper layouts of your choice. You can also try out these printable newsletter templates for more options. If you are lucky enough, you can download whatever that interests you for free.

Printable Advertising Newspaper Templates

Advertising Newspaper Contract Template

advertising newspaper contract template Download

Advertising Newspaper Agreement Template

advertising newspaper agreement template Download

Advertising Newspaper Proposal Template

advertising newspaper proposal template Download

Printable Newspaper Cover Template

printable newspaper cover templates Download

Newspaper Back Cover Templates

Newspaper Reporter Cover Template

newspaper reporter cover template Download

Newspaper Writer Cover Template

newspaper writer cover template Download

Printable Newspaper Magazine Template

printable newspaper magazine templates Download

Newspaper Portal Magazine Templates

Newspaper Fashion Magazine Template

newspaper fashion magazine template Download

Newspaper Presentation Magazine Template

newspaper presentation magazine template Download

Printable Newspaper Poster Templates

 Grunge Newspaper Poster Template

grunge newspaper poster template Download

Newspaper Wanted Poster Template

newspaper wanted poster template Download

Newspaper Club Poster Template

newspaper club poster template Download

Printable Newspaper Report Templates

Newspaper Book Report Template

newspaper book report template Download

Newspaper Report Planning Template

newspaper report planning template1 Download

Newspaper Weather Report Template

newspaper weather report template1 Download

How to Write a News Article

Before writing an article, it is important to always keep in mind to be responsible in providing your readers with accurate and comprehensive news and not to distort the information for some personal motives. Newspapers with distorted information can potentially cause animosity and discordance among the readers. To guide you in writing a credible and exhaustive news article, we have rounded up this list of quick tips to keep in mind in producing a quality news story.

Write about Pertinent Information

The first thing to remember when writing a news article is to tell your readers all the important and pertinent information in a limited word count. You do not have to write an article with thousand of words just to impress your readers. A lot of times, long news articles can be boring to read, so just keep it sweet and short, and go directly to the point in a concise way. Avoid using a lot of heavily explanatory words.

Plan Your Article

Planning what to write is a long process. Once you have a topic that is worth reporting, you have to do a thorough research about it. You have to have an in-depth knowledge on the topic in order to write a credible and well-written article. After getting enough information, you need to compile the facts by organizing them into three groups: important facts, interesting but not vital facts, and related but not significant to your objective. This will help you avoid excluding facts that are connected to your topic.

After gathering the facts, proceed to making an outline. Expert journalists recommend to tailor your outline like an inverted triangle to make sure that the most vital information of your article is at the top.

Make the Lead Stand Out

when writing your news article, it is crucial to start with the lead, as this will help catch the attention of the readers. The lead should be followed by important details about your topic. This is the part of the article where the readers learn about the vital details. Do not forget to add supplementary details so that it will be easier for you to transition as you move along to another information.

After you have included all the pertinent information and completed the article, make sure to give it a concluding sentence. Also, do not forget to write your article in a third-person point of view. Avoid using I or me, not unless you are writing in the editorial or opinion section. It is also essential to write your report in an active voice, as it can be easily understood and has more impact on your target audience. Get some ideas and inspiration from these brilliant collection of newspaper templates.

Proofread Your Article

When we speak of proofread, it does not stop to checking for grammatical or spelling errors. You need to also check the facts, such as the names of the person involved, the location where the incident happened, as well as the date. Any incorrect information can potentially discredit your news report and can negatively affect your integrity as a writer.

It is also important to take note and follow the prescribed AP style for your resources and citations. Finally, have your article checked by your editor for final proofing. The editor does not only eliminate unnoticed errors but can also carve out unnecessary sections and awkward words and sentences found in your article.

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