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6+ Treasure Map Templates

Treasure maps may not be widely used, or even used, today as compared to the Golden Age of Piracy from 1650 to 1726. It may be a map just within a specific location or it may involve different places and even countries, which are needed to be crossed for the treasure to be found.

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However, the use of a treasure map is still popular nowadays. This purpose is not really to find important treasures but to allow kids to enjoy more during parties. A treasure hunt may be a part of the activities that kids can do during children’s parties and creating a treasure map can make it more realistic and exciting. Other than the treasure map templates that you may download in this article, we can also provide you with Strategy Map Templates.

Pirate Treasure Map Template

Old Treasure Map Template

Treasure Hunt Map Template

Treasure Island Map Template

The Treasure Hunt Activity

Preparing many activities for a specific party can be very tiring as there are a lot of considerations and planning that are needed to take place. There is also a longer time that is needed to be devoted for the execution and implementation of such activities.

Rather than creating too many activities, why not focus on something that takes a lot of time for the kids to finish while they are also enjoying and being thrilled with what they are doing? One way to do this is to have a treasure hunt where other different activities may be included within the duration of the treasure hunt but only takes a single planning process.

The Design of the Treasure Map

The design of the treasure map depends on the following:

  • The location of the party has so much to do with the overall design of the treasure map. You need to copy or at least have a representation of the items that are within the vicinity so that the kids will know that there are stations waiting for them on those specific locations.
  • The treasure map shouldn’t just be about finding treasure. It is also important to design a treasure map based on the activities that the kids are to do on different stations before they can finally get the treasure that they are required to find.
  • The treasure map must be informational and usable as well. You need to make sure that stations are properly represented and labeled so to not cause confusion to the children who are to join the treasure hunt.

Other than our treasure hunt templates, you may also be interested to browse through our Site Map Templates.

Treasure Map Invitation Template

Treasure Map Game Template

Treasure Map Scroll Template

Things to Consider When Creating a Treasure Map

When creating a treasure map, here are a few items that you should consider:

  • The appropriate design of the map based on the age bracket of the people who are to use it
  • The items, representations, and icons that you are to use in the overall design of the map so that it will be easier for the participants to identify the reason why these have been used in the treasure map creation
  • The activities that are to be done in specific stations so to help the participants know the steps that they need to take in a chronological order
  • The number of people per group who is to share the map
  • The size of the treasure map
  • The medium where the treasure map will be printed

Aside from the designs and samples of different treasure maps that we have provided, you can also make use of our Process Map Templates.

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