9+ Skateboard Designs


A skateboard is a sports equipment mainly used in skateboarding. More than the common skateboarding that we see on the streets, there are various competitions of skateboarding that happen around the world. It is not simply by using one foot at rest and the other pushing the entire weight of the person riding a skateboard that someone can already maximize the use of the said equipment. There are a lot of tricks and stunts that can be done with a skateboard that only professional skateboarding artists can do while taking notice of safety practices.

As much as the other things that we own, a skateboard is a person’s own property. This means that as an extension of one’s self, its design should also follow the character of the person owning it. It may vary on the interpretation of the owner on how his or her skateboard is going to look like. You may take a look at our creative skateboard designs and see if one of it can be used as a design of your skateboard or the one that you are soon to purchase.

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Skateboard Designs

skateboard designs1

Walking Dead Skateboard Design

walking dead skateboard design1

Graphic Design Skateboards

graphic design skateboards

Product Design Skateboard

product design skateboard

Free Skateboard Design

free skateboard design

Vector Skateboard Design

vector skateboard design


The parts of the skateboard that you can customize depending on how you want yours to look like are as follows:

  • The deck. It is the part of the skateboard where riders put their feet on. The skateboard deck designs that we have are appropriate for any size of skateboards. This part is usually what gets the most of customizing as it is the biggest part of the skateboard and has been the main design focus of the equipment.
  • Trucks. This aluminum alloy connects the deck and the wheels of the skateboard together. You may customize them and change them in color for a unique way of visual presentation.
  • Wheels. The color of the wheels can mainly change the overall look of a skateboard. Make sure to properly select a wheel color that compliments the design of your deck.
  • Bearings. Though they are just small parts of a skateboard, they add to the entirety of the skateboard’s character. Their color can be the same with the wheels, or the deck, or they can make your skateboard stand out even more by having a color of its own.

Creative Skateboard Design

creative skateboard design

Free Download Skateboard Design

free download skateboard design

Cool Skateboard Design

cool skateboard design

Skateboard Design for Indoor

skateboard design for indoor

Skateboard Design for Sports

skateboard design forsports

You can have colorful skateboard designs or just plain ones. It all depends on your personality and how you want your skateboard to look like. The overall aesthetic of the skateboard can totally be seen in the personal aesthetic of its user.

Skateboards may only be a sports equipment, but they are very important to those people who have used them and have already made a kind of connection with them. Especially those who have already mastered the use of skateboards and are already joining competitions, there are a lot of memories that this sports equipment can actually hold.

No matter what a skateboard looks like, its functionality will always remain the same. So if you own one, make sure that it embodies your personality so it will shine the way you do when you use it.

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