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Typography is the visual component of a written word or displayed text, whether it’s on paper, a digital screen, or an advertisement. By definition, it is an art or technique of arranging type to make a written language legible, readable, and appealing. It also refers to the style, arrangement, and appearance of the letters, numbers, and symbols made by this process. Apart from being used to communicate information, they are sometimes used as decorative devices.

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Typography is the driving force in all forms of communication art. As a designer, your choice of typeface and how you integrate it in your layout, grid, color scheme, and design theme will help you identify a bad design from a great one. So, we have collected some typography vectors on this page for anyone to download and use or find inspiration from. Feel free to browse and don’t forget to check out other vector designs available on the website.

Vintage Typography Vector

vintage typography vectorDownload

Happy Birthday Typography Vector

happy birthday typography vectorDownload

Coffee Typography Vector

coffee typography vectorDownload

Typography Poster Vector

typography poster vectorDownload

The Elements of Typography

Typography can also be described as the use of typefaces and their designs as a means of communication. Below are the typography elements that help designers communicate effectively.

  • Typefaces and fonts. Some people use these terms interchangeably but the term “font” refers to the specific type of style or weight from a family of of fonts, which is called the typeface. All of the various fonts and versions make up the typeface.
  • Typeface classifications. They refer to the large grouping of typefaces based on generic classifications that different fonts belong to. These classifications include serif, sans-serif, monospace, cursive, fantasy, and script.
  • Typeface anatomy. Every typeface is made up of various elements that helps distinguish it from other typefaces, such as the cap and x-height which tell you how tall the largest letters will be and how big most letters lowercase letters will be.

The Purpose of Typography

Typography is considered the central component of design and they are used for various purposes aside from aesthetic reasons. Some of its most important objectives are:

  • To convey a feeling. Choosing a typeface can certainly affect the kind of feeling conveyed together with the message and how the message is understood. The font size and type can elicit different responses, such as messages that are serious or playful.
  • To keep people reading. Good typography lets the reader focus on the content rather than the formatting of the article. With the use of the right typography elements, one should be able to read it easily without losing the reader’s interest.

Typography World Map Vector

typography world map vectorDownload

Typography Love Vector

typography love vectorDownload

Typography Vector Background

typography vector backgroundDownload

Typography Alphabet Vector

typography alphabet vectorDownload

Thank You Typography Vector

thank you typography vector

Things to Consider When Using Typography

Here are some important considerations that you need to take into account when using typography.

  • Leading. Strips of lead were originally used to separate lines of type in metal typesetting but nowadays, leading is known as the vertical space between each line of type, where the value should be greater than the font size so it’s comfortable to read.
  • Kerning. This refers to the adjustment done to the spaces between two characters to create a harmonious pairing. Kerning also relates but not similar to tracking which means the adjustments done to the spacing of all characters and applied evenly.
  • Alignment. One more thing to consider for the readability and legibility of your text is how you align them. Whether they are aligned flush left, flush right, justified, or centered, the decision for alignment should also be made with your theme in mind.

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