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8+ Cat Silhouettes PSD, EPS, Vector Illustrations

Animal images can be a great addition to your design ideas especially when integrated properly. One way to do do this is through silhouettes. A silhouette is a two-dimensional representation of an object, usually in pieces of cut paper that are stuck to a backing in a contrasting color and often framed.

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One example of these Animal Silhouettes are the cat silhouettes presented on this page. Using this feline creature in your design ideas can be very interesting especially for cat lovers out there. So, feel free to browse this page and download the silhouette of your choice.

Halloween Cat Silhouette

Free Cat Silhouette Vector


Cat and Mouse Silhouette

Black Cat  Silhouette

Cat Silhouette Outline

What Do Cats Symbolize

Using cats in your designs can have different reasons if not because they are visually appealing. Their meaning can vary widely depending on the culture and here are some of them.

  • In ancient Celtic tradition. The stoic, silent, and mysterious characteristics of cats make them fitting representations of the guardians of the underworld and are said to keep the secrets of the underworld.
  • In ancient Egypt tradition. These felines were sacred and worshiped by the ancient Egyptians. They are depicted on the head of Bastet and were even mummified along with mice in honor of the lunar goddess.
  • In Muslim lore. The cat is honored as it is believed to have helped Mohammad from an attack by a fierce snake. It is also believed that the M mark on the forehead of most tabby cats is the symbol of the prophet.
  • In western tradition. Cats are considered to be in league with the devil as they can be sneaky and tends to be nocturnal. Christians associate them with witchcraft and believed that witches can turn themselves into cats.
  • In Japanese culture. In Japan, cats are seen as bringers of harmony, wealth, happiness. Buddhist folklore says that cats provide a temporary place for highly spiritual souls to rest on their journeys.

These silhouettes are surely a great way to decorate your Halloween events, as well as other occasions. So download these templates now together with our Witch Silhouettes for exciting and fun creative ideas!

Cat Face Silhouette


Cat Silhouette Clipart


Angry Cat Silhouette


Cartoon Cat Silhouette

White Cat Silhouette


How Are Silhouettes Used?

Aside from the uses of cat silhouettes mentioned above, other silhouette images of animals and figures are also used in these applications:

  • Illustrations. Pictures depicting scenes, known as paper cuts, were used by book authors book illustrations as they are cheaper to produce that color plates and lasts longer than detailed black and white illustrations.
  • Movies. Silhouettes have been used for a variety of iconic, graphic, and emotional effects in movies, especially during the popularity of silent films. In the modern days, recording artists also use them in music videos.
  • Architecture. Sciography is a discipline in architecture that studies the shadows cast upon by buildings, which make ornamentations, tessellations, and stone masonries become a necessity for building designs.
  • Photography. One way to photograph people, objects, and landscape elements to create a dramatic image is to take a picture against the light. The background light can be from a natural setting such as the sunrise.
  • Graphic design. Silhouettes have been used from the early days in advertising, such as poster and product designs, as they are cheap and can easily be printed. They can make designs impressive and striking.

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our collection of Batman Silhouettes.

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