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Handbook sizes are among the simple yet essential detail of a handbook. Since handbooks are used in any work, their size must be handy enough to fit all types and severity of work, go through each of them below to find the best size for your need. handbook-sizes

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Handbook Sizes Standard


The standard handbook size for countries in the US and some neighboring countries is 8.5 inches × 11 inches. This size is also the standard paper size for other paper collaterals, such as letters, agreements, resumes, and worksheets. 


Handbooks are a comprehensive body of knowledge used in various fields and industries. With this, the extra inch of any paper is useful to properly display the contents of a handbook, hence an A4 size of 8.3 inches × 11.7 inches comes in handy.  


Handbooks contain facts, guides, instructions, advice, and information about something, hence a booklet type size of A5 or in measurements 5.8 inches ×8.3 inches is the perfect handy size for this material. A5 is also the common size for brochures, pamphlets, manuals, and paper products of that kind. 

Handbook Sizes for Print

Like any other paper paraphernalia, handbooks in print instantly become more useful and effective for most users. Handbook for print follows the standard sizes of either the Letter size at 8.5 inches wide × 11 inches high, A4 size of 8.3 inches wide × 11.7 inches high, or A5 at 5.8 inches ×8.3 inches.


Handbook Sizes for MS Word

MS Word offers a variety of paper sizes that can be useful for handbooks but the default Letter size of 8.5 inches wide × 11 inches high works best for this material. This handbook size can be relevant for digital and physical copies made through MS Word, and also offers customization for margins, document layouts, and any other document elements.


Handbook Sizes for Apple Pages

For Apple Pages, the default format is also Letter size at 8.5 inches × 11 inches. This particular size is practical and can be utilized in handbooks because the size is just enough to cover all necessary contents and is the easiest page to work on for Apple users.


Handbook Sizes for Google Docs

Like the two platforms above, Google Docs shares the same default document size of Letter at 8.5 inches wide × 11 inches high. Handbooks in Google Docs can be made using the default size or among other paper size options of Google Docs like the tabloid, Legal, A3, and A4.


Handbook Sizes FAQs

How do I create a workplace handbook?

Since a workplace handbook is made by a company to detail all the processes, guidelines, and information that is needed in the workplace, the things that you have to do is consult with all parties involved, lay out all content, and format them accordingly.

What are the dimensions of a handbook?

The dimensions of a handbook can either be one of the three standard sizes Letter at 8.5 × 11, A4 size of 8.3 × 11.7, or A5 at 5.8 ×8.3.

What is the size of the print handbook?

The size of a printed handbook follows the standard size of a handbook of either Letter, A4, or A5.

How do you structure a handbook?

A handbook must be structured according to its importance and its necessary elements.

How do I set up an employee handbook?

Setting up an employee handbook starts with consulting all parties involved, making sure that all information is correct, writing everything simple, clear, and concise, and strategically plotting everything to drive employee engagement and rapport.

How do I make a digital handbook?

A digital handbook is basically a handbook in the online landscape, which means that making this material only needs the internet, a good platform, and filling in all necessary content accordingly.

What should be included in a contractor handbook?

A contractor handbook must include the company’s basic information, mission, vision, values, practices, rules, and regulations that concern contractors.

What is a handbook in research?

A handbook in research is a guiding tool used by researchers in making and publishing their research, this contains the rules and guidelines that need to be followed.

How to design an engineering handbook?

An engineering handbook is used in the engineering field, hence designing a handbook must be done by engineering professionals themselves through discussions, content creation, layout making and formatting, and distribution of copies.

Why do we update the employee handbook?

Updating an employee handbook is important to make rules and guidelines up to date with the realities of the world, and make sure that everything still applies in the current happenings.

What are the topics included in handbook?

A handbook must include basic information about a company, terms, conditions, policies, staff compensation if needed, and other essential information.

What is the pharmacy employee handbook?

A pharmacy employee handbook is a reference tool for pharmacists and pharmacy employees that details the information needed and shapes the day-to-day operation of a pharmacy.

How do you plan to bring your handbook to life for your employees?

Making a handbook a communication tool and not just a mere reference tool can be helpful in bringing all the information to life.

How do you end a handbook?

The end of a handbook can contain a disclaimer for revision in the future, a positive note of welcome, and an acknowledgment that they have read and understood the information in the handbook.

What is the disclaimer of handbook?

A handbook disclaimer is a heads up for something, this is to avoid miscommunication and further problems in the future.

What policies are required in an employee handbook?

An employee handbook must discuss policies on compensations, code of conduct, attendance, expected duties and responsibilities, communication, separation, and other industry-based policies.