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Your company, [COMPANY NAME], is one of the top companies in [COUNTRY/STATE/PROVINCE] that strongly advocates the protection of the environment. Our company, [YOUR COMPANY NAME] shares your noble intention in this herculean undertaking. We believe that partnering with companies that share the same goals and objectives will make it easier to achieve the task at hand. We conceive that a partnership between [COMPANY NAME] and [YOUR COMPANY NAME] will substantially help in enhancing our programs that aid in environmental protection for generations to come. 

I have enclosed a partnership proposal together with this letter that details all the necessary matters about the proposed partnership. In partnering with us, we will:

  • Exert joint efforts in redeveloping, if necessary, all our environmental protection programs by sharing our company’s skill, knowledge, and resources
  • Develop a more comprehensive policy that will reach a wider environmental protection coverage including its geographic scope
  • Mutually track and measure the energy consumption and performance of both companies 
  • Increase public awareness and private sector participation in the field of environmental protection, energy management, and sustainable development
  • Influence all stakeholders in passing the legacy of environmental protection for future generations 

As future partners, we guarantee that we will strictly comply with all applicable terms and conditions that will govern the relationship between us. If you need more details about the proposed partnership, you may call or email me at [YOUR PHONE NUMBER] [YOUR EMAIL ID].




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