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What is an Application Development Resume?

An application development resume is a summary of all the personal, academic qualifications, and professional experience a person has in the field of app development. This type of resume may be used by mobile developers, android developers, IOS developers, mobile app designers, video game programmers, web UX/UI designers, full-stack developers, and other types of program developers.

Just like other kinds of resumes, an application development resume may be printed on paper or stored electronically. Sometimes, job applicants will need to create a cover letter or personal statement to accompany their resumes. This will depend on the company or employer they are applying for.

How to Make an Application Development Resume

The most effective resumes are those that best represent an applicant to any prospective employer. And there are a variety of ways to do this. We’ve curated a few best practices on effective resume-writing to help you navigate the job-hunting world.

1. Follow a Design Theme

Did you know that up to 250 resumes are sent for every corporate job opening? Yes, it’s that high. And this number can increase in the competitive software development and engineering industries. To make a dent and catch hiring managers’ attention, you should begin by choosing a design theme for your resume.

Choose a theme that reflects your personality and credentials. This motif or theme can range from a simple monochromatic color scheme. Or, it can be as colorful as you want. A basic resume design theme can help get you in the door.

2. Choose an Organized Layout

Research studies show that it only takes hiring managers about 6 seconds to skim a resume. Of course, this is not enough time to fully assess a candidate’s qualifications for a job. As a workaround, and to ensure that your professional resume gets the optimal read time, you may follow an organized and clean layout.

If a good design theme helps you get in the door of an employer’s office, an organized document layout or format will help hook their attention. With an organized layout, employers and recruiters can easily read and evaluate your resume.

3. Include Charts and Graphs

To break up the blocks of text that most application development resumes have, don’t forget to incorporate data visualization tools. A few examples are pie charts, bar charts, tables, infographics, or even images.

Doing this also shows how creative and innovative you are. This can be helpful if the job description of the position you are applying for is looking for the same character traits.

4. Keep It Short

As we have mentioned earlier, HR managers and employers receive a lot of applications for a single job. Do not waste their time by sending multipage resumes that chronologically details all your responsibilities in your last 2-years' experience.

Instead, keep your resume short. Include only the most accurate and the most relevant pieces of information about you that makes you the best person for the job. Comprehensive one-page resumes may finally get you that coveted app development job.

5. Proofread The Document

Multiple research studies of the practices of managers and employers when hiring personnel show that they disregard resumes with typos and grammatical errors. Yes, that can be ruthless. But when faced with hundreds of applicants, what can they do?

If you are using a free resume template, make sure to customize and proofread the document. And if you have created your resume document, do not rely on spelling and grammar checkers. Edit your document line by line. You won’t regret.

And that’s it! Use all these tips in crafting only the best app developer resume. Good luck!

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