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What is an Application Checklist?

An application checklist is a formal and quality checklist that systematically organizes all the tasks or requirements needed when requesting admission or approval for something. It can be a time-saving tool when applying for college, law school, a loan, a visa, or a job.

They are usually printed on paper but may also be transformed into a digital file. In some cases, application checklists go hand in hand with standard application forms issued by a company or organization.

Application checklists may be further subcategorized according to the job or task they are used for. To illustrate, a checklist used when requesting admission to medical school is called a medical school application checklist. Other examples are travel checklists, SAT checklists, university application checklists, law school application checklists,

How to Make an Application Checklist?

A hallmark of an effective application sample checklist is its accuracy and level of organization. Remember, a checklist is a memory aid. Therefore, a good one should make learning (or at least, remembering) something more convenient.

Here are a few tips on how to make all that possible:

1. Follow An Organized Layout

The first rule in making an application checklist form is to follow a clutter-free and organized layout. To do this, use checkboxes or tick boxes that are uniformly aligned. Create tables that have uniformly sized rows and columns.

An organized layout makes the content of the checklist easier to read and fill out.

2. Know Who Will Use the Checklist

Another essential step when making an application checklist is to determine who are its target users. Use this knowledge in developing relevant and functional checklists that can help streamline your organization’s application process.

For example, if you are a bank manager who wants to ensure that all personal loan applications already include all requirements that you need upon submission, you should craft a long evaluation checklist that lists down all these requirements and how a regular customer can make or obtain them.

3. Source From Accurate Data

Checklists, essentially, are summaries of a longer process or policy. To ensure that you create an effective checklist, you need to use accurate data obtained from authorized organizations, companies, or institutions.

To illustrate, if you want to create a college application checklist, you need to know the exact college admission requirements and college application deadlines that your university follows. Failure to obtain reliable sources may make your strategic checklist invalid.

4. Write Instructions Clearly

Just like other types of checklists, your application checklist must include a clear set of instructions on how to fill it out. Most of the time, this can be simple instructions on how to tick each checkbox. Or, it can be detailed instructions on how to do a task or obtain each requirement on the list or the application form.

5. Update the Form Regularly

Whether you are making a college planning checklist or an employee application checklist, it is a must to keep your checklist forms updated regularly. This ensures that anyone who is applying for or requesting admission to your organization or institution provides the most accurate and relevant pieces of information their application.

6. Explore Electronic Options

Any organization’s or entity’s formal application process can be long and tiring. That is why, if you want to expedite the entire process, you may explore the use of electronic or online checklist apps or websites. A few examples are Todoist, EverNote, and Google Keep.

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