Did you know that August has the most birthdays among all the months? It comprises 9% of the population of the world. Speaking of birthdays, it's always wonderful to remember the birthday of a family member, an employee, or a friend. But it gets overwhelming to remember each of them. But don't worry, a birthday calendar is going to help you. So, choose from our editable and printable Birthday Calendar Templates in Apple (MAC) Pages! Each is available in A4 & US letter sizes. Download a template now and send wonderful birthday wishes to the celebrants!

How to Make a Birthday Calendar in Apple (MAC) Pages

Who doesn't get excited when birthdays come? Birthdays are one of the most important celebrations of people's lives. They mark another year of life. So, who doesn't want to celebrate it? Well, if you have a lot of people in your company, classroom, or family and you can't remember their birthdays, you need a calendar! Now, let's create that birthday calendar with these steps below:

1. List the Names of the Celebrants and their Birthdays

The first thing you need to do is to collect the names of the people. Don't forget to add the dates of the birthdays to your notes.

2. Create a Calendar

You can open Apple Pages and start creating your simple calendar. Decide what kind of layout you want. You can create a full-page calendar with all the months, or you can also make a calendar that has 12 pages that represent each month. Pick the kind of layout that works better for you.

3. Add Colors

Now it's time to get creative with your calendar design! You can now add colors to your calendar. Pick vibrant shades to fit the birthday theme. But if you don't want to, you can pick other colors. Don't forget to select colors that complement each other to make your event calendar look its best.

4. Paste Beautiful Birthday Designs

Aside from colors, you can also add other elements to the sample calendar. You can add pictures of the celebrants or add designs like clipart of a cake or balloon.

5. Place the Names on their Specific Places

Lastly, you can now add the names of the celebrants to their specific places on the calendar. Make sure that the typography is legible to make it easier for you to spot the names.

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