Is your baby’s 1st birthday coming up? Is it your own 18th birthday that you’re getting ready for? Whether it’s for kids or adults, preparing a birthday party (particularly a private one) can take a lot of work; even the invitations need to be given a degree of care. However, using a good template can alleviate the headache of designing an invitation from scratch. So, let us help out a bit with our professional Ready-Made Birthday Invitation Card Templates, each 100% customizable in Apple Pages. These printable card designs will help save time and effort, letting you focus more on other things to prep for the event. Our creative templates are easily-editable, coming with CMYK color space and 300 DPI resolution. Download now and sort out those invitations without breaking a sweat!

How to Make Birthday Invitations Cards in Pages

A birthday is a personal event that people tend to give special attention; after all, it marks the day when a friend or loved one was brought into the world. And so, hosting a fun little party has always been the go-to for commemorating such a time. As a matter of fact, the earliest known birthday invitation was sent out all the way back in AD100!

However, preparing a good birthday party can really take up a lot of time and effort. With that being said, our Ready-Made Birthday Invitation Card Templates can definitely help you out when it comes to getting your invitations ready! Be it for a baby girl, teenage boy, or grandfather, we’ve got invitation designs to suit any and all birthday get-togethers!

Not sure how to use Apple Pages for customizing our templates? No worries--we’ve got a handy set of tips (found just below) for you to check out!

1. Theme and Design

Before you decide on a template to download, what kind of birthday party are you putting together? Is there gonna be a theme to it? Will it be formal or casual? If you want your card to impress the invitees and entice them to attend, then you’ll have to put at least some thought into the card’s overall look and what its contents should say. So, when going through our birthday-themed invitation templates (from this page), consider the factors that might influence your card design’s finalized appearance.

2. Open up Apple Pages and Edit Your Template

After making your decision and downloading your desired invitation card design, it’s time to open the file in Apple Pages and start editing. If you’re thinking that you might not have enough proficiency for creating a passable invitation card, there’s no need to worry since each of our templates come with masterfully-crafted designs that are specifically made for anyone to easily customize!

When drafting the written content for your invitation card, make sure that all the necessary details are right (eg, venue address, event schedule); it’d be really embarrassing if no one shows up simply because the invitation said the party is on the day after. Also, make sure your font is easy to read; use a mix of styles and colors that match the card’s overall design while still standing out enough for the sake of readability.

3. Consider Other Ways to Complement Your Party

Besides invitations, there’s a variety of other reading material to use for your party needs.

To help with your arrangements, a checklist and planner can be really helpful. If you’re going with a formal or “highbrow” party, you might wanna look into composing a dinner menu or even a cocktail menu. And, if you want to maintain a flow of activities during the event, then you should put together a party itinerary.

4. Review Your Invitations (and Other Templates)

Once you’re done with the design’s initial draft, step away for a sec and come back to it with a fresh eye; look over your work and see if it could use a revision before finalizing it. With your finished edit saved and ready, you can go ahead and send out copies to your guests. Make that special day matter with our plethora of birthday templates!

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