Are you planning to have a fantastic birthday party for yourself or for your child? If so, then get to invite friends and family to the party with our high-quality Birthday Invitation Templates that are compatible with any Apple Pages version. We have a wide variety of designs that is perfect for any theme including BBQ, Minnie Mouse, Bowling, Star Wars, Modern, Cinderella, Baseball, DJ party, Chalkboard, and many more. All of them can be modified thanks to their 100% customizable and easily-editable features. With their aid, you can expect to have the fitting birthday invitation for your birthday or your child's birthday. Available in 4x6 inches or 5x7 inches with bleed. Get your hands on our ready-made Birthday Invitation Templates in Apple Pages now!

How To Make Birthday Invitations In Apple Pages?

Your birthday or your child's birthday deserves to be as memorable as possible, either with a limited budget or with a handsome budget. By just searching for various birthday party ideas, you can consider yourself ready to host a birthday party. One of the essential tasks that you must accomplish when it comes to hosting a birthday party is to create invitations for it. All of us in would like to help you create the perfect birthday invitations by sharing with you some useful tips that we know.

1. Select Apple Pages As Your Invitations Maker

Apple Pages is a good-enough program to use as an invitation maker; despite its status as a word processor. Why? Apple Pages has simple tools and features to help you make elegant and creative birthday invitations with photos, graphic designs, and clip arts. Another reason why you should choose Apple Pages is if you own a Mac PC. Why? Apple Pages is available for free if you have a Mac PC.

2. Emphasize Your Name Or Your Child's Name As The Celebrant

The birthday celebrant is the birthday party's main entity or character. With that fact, it's fitting to emphasize your name or your child's name on the invitations. For your names to be emphasized, what you should do is enlarge the font sizes and set artistic font styles to its texts. You can glimpse some of the dummy names of our achievement certificate templates to give yourself some ideas on how to emphasize your names on the birthday invitations.

3. Convey The Details Of The Birthday Party

Just like event flyers and party flyers, birthday invitations must also convey complete details about the birthday party it's representing. So you should do the same with your own birthday invitations to avoid misleading and confusing your invited guests. The most important details that must be included are the party's venue, specific time and date (in other words the date of your birthday), and the theme. You can convey them in an invitation letter form if you wish.

4. Use Our Birthday Invitation Templates

An important step that you must do when creating birthday invitations is designing them. However, we understand that it's quite a challenge, especially if you're not that much of a pro in designing. For that reason, we advise you to use our editable and printable birthday invitation templates. Each of these invitation templates has a distinct quality design, such as floral and BBQ-themed. Whether your birthday party is an adult club party, a circus-themed party, a royal prince or princess kid's party, a Mickey Mouse-themed party, a Star Wars-themed party, you name it; we have it.

5. Place Each Birthday Invitation Inside An Envelope

Once you've completed the elements of your birthday invitations, and you've printed them, place each of them inside an envelope before sending them. Doing so will protect them from outside hazards that might tamper their aesthetic quality. Some of our envelope templates will undoubtedly help you with this matter.

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