How to Make a Birthday Voucher in Apple Pages

As Egyptians started the tradition of celebrating the birthday around 3,000 BCE years, it is accustomed to everyone to give the celebrant presents. With this fact, businesses tend to take this opportunity to market their business. They would come up with birthday vouchers as it is a convenient gift to give to a celebrant. So, if your business does not have a birthday voucher yet, follow these DIY tips in making a birthday voucher.

1. Come up With Design Ideas

For this tip, you would want to come up with design ideas that would fit for your blank voucher. But, before that, you need to consider some factors, such as its purpose, audience, and more. As you would need to make a birthday voucher, you can insert colors and images that would liven up the mood of the celebrant. It lets you catch the attention of your audience, making them want to avail it.

2. Include Relevant Dates

In every voucher that you make, you need to include the relevant dates. For birthday vouchers, it is usually consumed immediately, depending on its type. For example, if your customer wanted your travel voucher as a birthday present for her husband, you need to include the date of its effectivity.

3. Indicate Clear Message

For the message of your birthday voucher, remember the golden rule— less is more. Too complicated promotional message would lead to misunderstanding and potential discouragement to your audience. Make your message simple and clear.

4. Put a Call To Action

In every business document that you release, you need to make sure to put a call to action. It would let your audience reach to you for inquiries, making you market it more. For your call to action, make it as original as possible. Do not settle for clichés and extract some ideas for it.

5. Make it Unique

As evident as it is, fraud is everywhere that even your birthday voucher can be faked. To avoid this from happening, you need to include a voucher system that you will attach to your voucher. It can be a serial code, watermark, standalone codes, and more. Either of these, it would be an advantage for you to put it in your printable voucher as it lets you track every document that you released.

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