How to Make a Birth Certificate in Apple (MAC) Pages

According to Unicef, 1/4 of births of children below five aren't recorded around the world. In relation to births, every person in the world needs birth certificates to signify his or her certified legal birth. And it's not only people who can have birth certificates, even animals, too. So, if you have to create a birth certificate for a person or a pet, follow the tips below.

1. Highlight the Title

In creating a birth certificate for a child, baby, or pet, you must highlight the phrase, "Pet Birth Certificate" (for pets) or "Birth Certificate" (for people). Additionally, you can use boldface to make it clearer.

2. Write the Name of the Baby of Pet

Another important highlight in making a modern certificate is writing the full name of the owner. You can capitalize every letter or only capitalize the first letters of the first name and last name.

3. Add a Short Description and a Signature

Don't leave your simple certificate's description area blank. Instead, write a short description of the certificate. Your details must contain the birthdate of the owner, the name of the hospital or the place of birth (California, Texas, etc.), and the name of the pet's owner or the person's parents. Lastly, don't forget to add authorized signatures to make your certificate valid or official.

4. Add Designs

You can shower the printable certificate with your creativity and add colors or graphics to make it beautiful. You can also add designs to the border.

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