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How to Write a Catering Letter?

A letter is a simple yet versatile medium for written communication, good for either a personal agenda or official business (described by So, be it for answering client complaints or sending a commercial pricing reference, preparing a letter is suitable for such matters.

However, if you’re looking for some help on how to put together a professional letter regarding catering services, then go ahead and check out our tips below!

1. Set Up Your Catering Letter’s Format

Since this letter is for business use, it’s imperative that it looks fit for your services. First, decide on a word processing application; like MS Word, Apple Pages, and so on. Next, prepare a new document in your chosen program, setting up the page size as needed. Also, add a margin along the document’s four sides.

2. Start Writing

Start by adding the main title that represents the purpose of the letter; align it to the center and keep its font size the largest in your document. Once that’s finished, move on to the current date and keep it positioned to the left. Then, move two spaces below before typing the recipient’s full name and followed by their address right underneath. Alternatively, you can use a company name instead if you’re not writing to a specific person.

3. Add Salutation

To start, your document should have an appropriate salutation. For business/formal use, write “Dear Mr/Ms [NAME/POSITION],” or a similar line.; however, for a nonspecific recipient, go with “To whom it may concern,”. Next, add an opening line or paragraph as the main dialog’s introduction, pointing out the reason for sending the formal letter.

4. Provide a Proper Close

Once the main content of your letter is done, write down a closing statement; this can range from a formal “thank you” to requesting for a response. Finally, enter a proper valediction, which can be “Regards,” or something else to that extent; enter 4 blank spaces below before including your name while using that space for your signature or email signature. And so, your new letter is ready to mail digitally or in an envelope!

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  • What is a catering letter?

      It’s a document that’s written and then mailed for the sake of marketing or discussing catering services.

  • Why should I use a letter for catering?

      In all businesses and professions, it’s important that proper formal communication is carried out when writing is utilized.

  • What are the parts found in a catering letter?

      1. Title/main header
      2. Recipient’s name and address
      3. Professional salutation
      4. Main dialog
      5. Professional valediction
      6. Your name and signature
  • What do I use as my catering letter’s salutation?

      You can use “Dear Mr/Ms [NAME],” or “To whom it may concern,” for your salutation.

  • What about my catering letter’s valediction?

      You have the choice of “Regards,” “Sincerely,” or other similar professional lines.