Catering Proposal Templates

Want To Make A Business Proposal To Cater An Event Like An Outdoor Wedding Or A Conference Meeting? Then Download's Catering Proposal Templates To Get started. With This, You Can Use Our Saples To Make A Budget And A Menu For The Client To Look Through To Approve Of The Catering. Download These Templates Now!See more

Before you earn a contract to cater an event, you need to send a proposal to your target client. The proposal should contain a cover letter, a sample menu, expected budget or assumed quotation, and other relevant details to your catering services. Our ready-made Catering Proposal Templates are perfect to submit for professional, commercial biddings because they contain professionally written content and a formal format that you can easily customize. You are guaranteed to set an impressive introduction with our user-friendly templates. Get them today!

How to Write Winning Catering Proposals

A proposal serves as your first introduction to your client. It presents the catering services you will provide to help the client achieve success in an upcoming event, and it is your ticket to signing a contract. With that in mind, we have some tips you can follow to write a convincing proposal.

1. Research About Your Reader

The purpose of your proposal is to provide the best solution to your readers' problems, but you can only do so if you know what they want. Therefore, you should research their needs, preferences, budget, and other related details to ensure you can incorporate the solutions into your proposal.

2. Develop Your Approach

Now that you have identified your clients' needs, you should brainstorm the best approach to deliver your solutions. While you should focus on the clients' problems, you should also consider your limitations. Although you're trying to sell your services, do not oversell to avoid exhaustion and disappointments.

3. Outline the Content 

After getting to know your client and developing the appropriate approach, you should create a draft of the proposal by outlining the most important details. Aim to provide a cohesive flow of all your propositions to make your proposal convincing and easy to read and understand.

4.  Save the Executive Summary for Last

Most business experts will suggest that you write the executive summary to summarize the important points in each section easily. Remember that the executive summary will serve as an overview of the entire document; therefore, it should be complete and accurate.


  • What are the parts of a catering proposal?

      Although proposals can have various formats, the following parts are common in all types and formats:

      1. Title Page
      2. Table of Contents
      3. Executive Summary or Abstract
      4. Needs or Problem Statement
      5. Goals/Objectives or Solutions
      6. Project Plan or Procedures
      7. Key Personnel
      8. Resources
      9. Budget
      10. Appendices

  • What are the types of catering proposal?

      The most common types of catering proposals are solicited and unsolicited proposals. The client specifically requests solicited proposals, while unsolicited proposals are submitted once news of an upcoming event is heard, in the hopes of getting a contract.

  • What are the available file formats for's catering proposal templates?

      The websites catering proposal templates come in various file formats, such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, PDF, and Google Docs. All the templates on the website come with pre-written content that you can easily edit to suit your goal and preferences. 

  • Does a proposal guarantee a catering contract?

      Submitting a proposal does not guarantee a contract. Depending on the client, you may undergo an extensive bidding process to present and defend the content of your proposal. However, a well-written proposal increases your chances compared to not submitting a proposal.