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What Is a Quote?

A sales quotation or quote is a document that lists details and prices of items to be purchased by the potential customer. This means that this document also presents details on the factors for coming up with such a price such as Value Added Tax (VAT), material costs, etc. To put it simply, this is quite similar to a menu but not to a bill. Since a menu is given before you order or purchase something, a quotation, therefore, is different from a bill because the client is not bound to (paying) the price.

How to Create a Catering Quotation

catering quotation template

Whether it's a catering order quotation, a catering service quotation, or request for a catering quotation, all you wish for is to create a competitive quotation for catering. We have a few steps to guide you and don't miss out any details.

1. Make Your Proposal

Before creating a printable quotation, it is best to make your service interesting. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer. When you think of catering, you inevitably think about buffets, savory food, or imagine being in the canteen. That's also what we want our potential clients to think about. So if possible, put the most unfamiliar sounding (most interesting) food on top of the menu. A quote can also be a marketing tool but in a different format, because you provide details such as terms and conditions before the deal is closed.

2. Mind Your Format

Similar to any type of quotation, a format should always be followed. Make sure you indicate the quotation header on top of the document. This includes the company’s name, contacts, tax registration number, quotation number and date, payment terms, and the name of the recipient. Also, write the word "Quote" or "Quotation" on top of the page, followed by the quotation body describing the proposed commodities and its pricing, then end with the quotation footer which indicates the total amount of all items.

3. Eyes on the Details

When making a business quotation, it has to include all the important details that help both the client and the supplier. These have to include the specific date (month-day-year), company name and logo, complete business address, client details, and the event details. You should also include the terms and conditions section which stipulates the payment terms, discounts (if any) and how to avail those, factors of pricing, etc. This should also include the event name, location, as well as the supplier's specific roles and responsibilities.

4. Specify the Menu

In addition to providing important details like pricing information in your simple quotation, it's also important to specify how the food should be cooked and served. For example, a customer wants to order a smoked salmon. In this instance, you may want to write the details this way: "Smoked salmon, skinned and rubbed with lemon juice—$75.00." Basically, you write the details of the menu based on the specific demands of the client.

5. Strengthen Your Brand

As mentioned, a service quotation can also be a tool for marketing your catering service brand. Hence, it is also important to choose templates that do so. Choose the ones that are unique and ensures your brand is on top, like our templates! Upon doing so, you may choose from any file formats that you are completely familiar with and is easier for you to use.

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