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What Is a Client Letter?

Client letter is a document that businesses use to communicate with their clients. These letters can be about thanking, apologizing, or promoting services or products, and others to clients.

How to Write a Client Letter?

According to, the foundation of any business is its customers or clients. That being the case, you know that your clients are significant to your business. And you also have to know that it's crucial to consider that communicating with them is highly a requirement in your business. One of the ways to communicate with them is through a client letter. So for whatever reason, you may want to write one, you can refer to the tips below:

1. Know Your Objective

Never start a business letter to a client without having a clear goal in mind. Determine what you want to convey in your letter. Seeing this, you need to have an objective. What do you want to say? Do you want to market your new interior design services to a potential client? Do you want to show appreciation to your client?

2. Be Formal

In writing any formal letter like a cover letter, a recommendation letter, or your client letter, always remember to use a formal tone. Formality is a safe way to communicate. It also shows respect and unbiased regard toward your client.

3. Add the Essential Details

In your letter, don't forget to include the crucial information they have to know. Go back to your objective and identify what you need to include in the sample letter. Always note that you have to focus on the essential information. Your client can identify if some details are useless or useful to him or her.

4. Don't Use Company Jargon

Your business jargon stays with you and the employees. Never include them in your letter. It's your job to consider that your client regardless of what they know has to understand every point in your printable letter. But if you really have to use jargon in the letter, don't forget to define it.

5. Ask If the Client Has Questions

End your company letter by asking the client if he or she has questions. Make the recipient feel that you welcome any question from them. This way, the person can ask questions about the information he or she didn't understand.

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