Customers are essential in business. Without them, a business will not thrive. Customers’ needs should always come first. And that makes the customer care representative position highly valuable. Do you want to play this role? Then you need a powerful cover letter! With that, we give you our wide array of ready-made Customer Care Cover Letter Templates! These complete packaged templates are ready for your use! You'll have to simply replace the sample personal information to fit your personal needs. They’re customizable and ready to download in your most preferred format! Download now and increase your chances of getting noticed by hiring managers!

What Is a Customer Care Cover Letter?

A customer care cover letter is a document that demonstrates your customer service-related skills and experiences that make you fit for the job. It’s an instrument that helps you sell yourself to the hiring manager, along with your resume.

How to Draft a Customer Care Cover Letter

A call center representative is the most common job associated with customer care. But there are actually a lot of job positions that require customer care knowledge such as customer service manager, customer service advisor, and customer service representative. According to Data USA, employment in this industry has been growing at a rate of 9.2% in 2018. The demand for this job will give you a great chance to be hired. And our tips below will seal your future as an entry-level customer care representative.

1. Do Your Research

Applying for a job is like going to a battle. You need a powerful weapon in order to win. And before you’re able to produce that weapon, you need to research. Research is also what you need to do before writing a cover letter. Conduct research about the job and the company.

2. Be a Good Narrator

How you tell your story will speak so much about yourself. Watch our for the tone of your words so as not to create misunderstandings. You’re writing to impress the reader, however, don’t overdo it.

3. Limit the Use of Adverb

When writing a cover letter, downplay adverbs. The use of “really,” “extremely,” and “totally” will not give you credit. Some hiring managers may not be impressed with your excessive use of adverbs.

4. Write to the Job Advertisement

Study how the job advertisement is written. Follow the tone of voice that was used in the ad. If it’s too formal, then stick to the formal way of writing. If it’s conversational with modern slang usage, you apply your witty sides without cutting the formality of the letter, of course.

5. Apply Your Personal Approach

Some applicants use approaches that they’ve read from the internet in writing their cover letter. This is quite helpful, however, what works for others may not work for you. What are the approaches you’ve used previously that worked? Use them.

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