Client Sheet Templates

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What Is a Client Sheet?

A client sheet is a document that contains the basic information of your clients. This allows your company to create a database on every client you have transacted with. At the same time, this information may be used to coordinate activities, promotions, and other business offers with your clients. 

How to Create a Client Sheet

client sheet template

These datasheets are a great help in advertising your products and services with your clients and potential clients. By gathering their information, you are able to grasp the analysis of trends and preferences by your clients. By then, you are able to get statistical data on who continually supports your products and services offered by your business. 

1. Identify Your Business Information

Let your clients know who they are transacting and input your business information on the client sheet. Add your business logo if you have one and include your business address, logo, and contact details on the sheet.

2. Create a Checklist for Your Clients to Answer

Create a checklist on what you want your clients to answer. Be precise about the information you want to get from them. As much as possible, get their basic information and contact details. This will be easier for you to contact them once you want to promote something related to your business. This includes promos or discounts that your clients may avail of in the future. 

3. Choose How You Will Disseminate Your Client Sheet 

There are many ways to disseminate your client sheet. You are no longer restricted in disseminating it through papers. Nowadays, you may already disseminate it online. Once you have chosen your style of dissemination, use a format that is legible and attractive to your client's sight. Honestly, nobody likes to read a cluttered document.

4. Organize Your Questions 

Since you have already listed all the information you want your clients to answer, the next step is to organize your questions. Choose the right format for your questions; you may use boxes or blanks for them to fill and the proper spacing for your simple sheet. Keep in mind to select the right font style and sizes for your text. Specify the direction on how you want to put your explanation and purpose of your client's sheet information. 

5. Use Good Quality Designs and Color

You want to attract your clients and grab their attention, why not use good quality designs and complimenting colors to keep them reading and answering your client sheet until the end? Designs with good quality give your sample sheet an accent that entices your client's sight, and combining it with excellent colors makes it more attractive. 

6. Review Your Client Sheet

These client sheets are essential in developing your business. Always review for errors and ambiguities on your summary sheets and correct them before you give it to your clients. Make sure to value your clients and provide them the customer services they expect from your company.