How to Create a Construction Purchase Order in Apple Numbers

As stated from a passage in, the total cost of building a new house reaches an average of $304,178. The range is between $166K and $475K. That statistic alone speaks volumes of how costly construction projects are in general. Plus, there are many materials required for construction operations, all of which are expensive. That's why a contractor like you must have copies of purchase order forms to keep track of a client's construction material purchase requisition. If you don't have them in your company, make one as soon as possible by referring to our guide below.

1. Create a Table for Item Details

It's a standard for every order form to have a table. It's where the ordered items will be listed down along with their respective details. Construction purchase orders are no exception. In creating the table for your purchase order, make sure that there are enough columns and rows for a construction item's unit price, quantity, number, and description.

2. Make Blank Spaces for Contractor and Client Info

Just above the table is where you must add blank spaces for contractor and client information, such as for their names, contact number, address, and identification card numbers. A purchase order must have contractor and client info to clarify the specific entities involved in the transaction.

3. Provide a Box for Notes and Remarks

Below the table is where you must provide a box for client notes and remarks. A client may want to remind you about something with the transaction. In doing so, there's an implication that a client and contractor can establish open communication in case anything arises with their negotiations.

4. Emphasize Spaces for Signatures

At the very end of the purchase order, you must emphasize the spaces where the contractor and client must affix their respective signatures. The signatures are important since it signifies that both the client and contractor are well aware of a purchase order's contents. It also binds the two of them as the individuals involved with the construction purchase transaction. In a sense, purchase orders function similarly to business contracts and legal agreement documents. In addition, if a client request changes with his/her purchase, you can grant that to him/her by using a change order form.

5. Embed Your Construction Company's Profile

To make your construction purchase order an official and credible document, you must embed the profile of your construction company in it. That includes the official logo or seal, company name, contact details, and office address. Place your construction company's profile at the upper-most part of the purchase order. After you've done everything, you can then print a hundred or a thousand copies of the purchase order for future client transactions.

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