Construction Budget Numbers Templates

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How to Create a Construction Budget in Apple (Mac) Numbers?

A construction project, no matter how small or massive, it involves a great amount of capital. Before construction starts, proper budgeting is a must for the client or the investor to know the requirement of an amount for the building project. A man who wanted to create a house will surely ask for an estimated budget at first. A budget is one of the most essential documents in the construction businesses.

Since a construction project may include a vast string of numbers and calculations, using advanced software is crucial. Here, we are suggesting the use of Apple Numbers spreadsheets for Mac system users. These spreadsheets can accommodate a huge amount of data and numbers easily and its advanced features make the entry process easier than it would be in other word processors. Do not worry if you haven't used it before, we have cited some simple guidelines to prepare a construction project budget in Numbers below.  

Identify the Purpose and List the Requirements

The purpose of your estimate dictates the whole structure of the budget template. Identify if the given project is a residential, institutional, commercial, medical, or other types of establishment. Considering the project, identify all the required materials, services, products, designers, etc. that would be required or prepare a checklist of them. 

Launch the Software

If you require to create a thorough budget for building a massive spreadsheet on applications like numbers or excel is a must. Launch the Numbers software by clicking on its icon at your system. You can browse for a ready-made template in the template chooser that fits your project type or proceed with a ‘Blank’ spreadsheet by double-clicking on it. 

Arrange the Details Well

After finalizing your thoughts on the matter, you can now start arranging the record or creating a format for the budget. Add a title or a header by clicking on a ‘Table Cell’ and fix its alignment using the ‘Toolbar’. Divide all the costs and expenses into broad categories which will help you to index the huge numbers in separate parts. The broad categories can be like site expenses, pre-construction expenses, labor and contractor expenses, material expenses, etc. You can also insert other tables, text boxes, charts, images, etc in Numbers. Go to the ‘Toolbar’ menu and click on the particular insert you need to make.

Format the Details Added

Budgeting is not only about accounting and calculating the numbers. In every categorized box, start with a serial number, product, service, or other outgoings, description, timeline, quantity, unit cost, actual cost, and the total cost. Place these titles in each column and fill in each row below them specific details.  Sum all th4e category total costs and minus that from the net amount promised by the owner for the project. 

Check and Save

On completion of the budgeting, check it from top to bottom again to rectify mistakes or add something that is left out. On its completion go to the ‘File’ above and select ‘Save’. A box will appear on your screen, give a name to the document, choose a location where you want the file to be stored and press ‘Save’. 

Manage the Safekeeping Thoroughly

Following the completion, you should ensure that your company keeps these records with extreme diligence. Failure to do this properly might lead to a lawsuit. Each state has different information and data safekeeping policies and measures established by the local government. Try and ask your city or county office for any of these. Trust is the lifeblood of your business, so make sure that people can and will retain their trust in your company. Lastly, you should also inform the customer or client for any updates and added information you have for the budget.