How to Make a Creative Brochure in Microsoft Word

A brochure is one of the traditional ways to promote your business, product, or service. Using print media as your promotional material is much more advantageous than digital marketing. Based on Bently University, with the use of brochures, 80% of people visit a business because of the information it provides. With this, the relevance of brochures as a marketing strategy is still at its peak. This tangible material not only delivers a lot of information but is also a resourceful way to entice your potential buyers. Sure enough, you want your brochure to be modern and stylish.
To flawlessly execute that objective, here are know-hows that you may follow.

1. Establish a Purpose and then Outline

To avoid having a hard time conceptualizing your brochure, you need first to identify your purpose in making one. People can use it as a wedding invitation, a travel guide, or an advertisement for businesses. Establishing a definite purpose can help you in acquiring information to incorporate in your modern brochure. As you go along with the process, you may craft an outline or checklist of the things you should do in creating your brochure.

2. Create an engaging content

The content of your company brochure forms a concrete relationship with your target audience. Hence, remember to keep it informative yet engaging. Your content should contain the services you offer or the good points of the product you are marketing. You may also input things that will attract possible buyers, such as discounts or promos. Keep an eye on the grammatical errors and misspellings, for this is an indication of how poorly made your material is.

3. Choose a Type of Brochure

After making engaging content, proceed with choosing what type of brochure you will use. There are different types of brochures, such as a trifold brochure, a bi-fold brochure, a z-fold brochure, and many more. So if you prepared a descriptive content, you may use a tri-fold brochure, but if your content focuses more on images and photos, then a bi-fold brochure is great to use for that. The layout of your brochure depends much on the length and load of your content.

4. Customize it in Microsoft Word

The appearance of your business brochure is one way of enticing your buyers. In that case, pick a brochure template that matches well to your company's taste. Our beautifully-designed and professionally made templates will help you create a commendable brochure. After choosing, download the template and customize it in Microsoft Word. Through this application, your beautification is made easy and convenient. As you continue with designing, use complementary colors and high-resolution pictures to keep the harmony in your brochure. Make use of your creativity and style!

5. Incorporate your Brand

To march your way to the top, market not just your products and services but also your brand. Include in your commercial brochure your company's logo, emblem, or symbol. You can also add your tagline and history to establish credibility. With this, you can attract buyers to involve in your business and create more regulars!

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