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What Is A Resume?

A resume is a digital or printed document that contains work-related information, personal information, and scholastic records of an individual who aims for a job position. Resumes usually come with a resume cover letter and curriculum vitae.

How To Create Customer Service Resume

During 2016, customer service related jobs reach around 2.6 million occupancies in the United States alone. A large number of percentage belongs to the retail trade jobs wherein it covers at around 12%, followed by the insurance carriers related; 12%, Business support; 10%, wholesale trade; 8%, and technical services; 6%. The statistics show that customer service representative jobs play a very big role in every industry.

If you are planning to be a part of the industry, make sure to refer to our guide below on how to make a resume for your desired customer service representative job.

1. Write Your Basic Information

Formally introduce yourself to your future employer. Carefully write and outline the basic information about yourself. Include your name, functional contact details (e-mail, cellphone number or telephone number), and home address. It is advisable if you disregard personal information like hobbies, birthday, age, weight, and height unless if you needed to do so.

2. Include A Summary Statement

Consider also adding a summary statement after your personal information part. Your summary information must describe your work capabilities whether on a long term or short term basis. Are you a team player? Or Can you work under pressure? Things like these must include when you write a sample resume. Write your statement wherein you describe yourself working on a professional set-up. Moreover, your summary statement can give you an amount of chance of getting yourself to your desired job.

3. Outline Your Personal Work Experiences

This part plays a big role in your resume. After actualizing your summary statement, you can now start identifying your work experiences. Gather and narrow them down chronologically on your resume format sheet. If you are experienced and wished to shift another career job, you can write down your previous work experiences. On the other hand, if you're a fresh graduate out of college, you can make use of your volunteer work and other extracurricular activities during your academic years.

4. Make It Straight To The Point

Understandably, you want to impress your future employers, but in writing your professional resume you need to consider the words that you'll include. Make sure that you'll convey the information straight on point. Avoid being too wordy, you need to remember that your employer doesn't have the time spending all day just to read your resume.

5. Review Your Resume And Create An Alternative Plan

Don't leave everything with ease. Like any other formal document, a resume needs to be reviewed. After formulating your resume, make sure to review the vital information that you opt to include. Avoid errors as much as possible. Additionally, you need to also prepare yourself for any hurdles on your job application. Come up with an alternative plan that would aid you when things won't go according to your desired plan like applying for multiple jobs at once.

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