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How to Make an Editable Flyer in Apple Pages?

Promotional flyers are one of the traditional marketing tools, along with brochures and posters. Despite its old-fashioned style and strategy, flyers are still known to be effective, and most companies still utilize flyers to spread their business further. Nowadays, you can see many ads online as we are, currently, in the digital age. However, many companies still trust the power of flyers. There are ways to improve your marketing strategy, and here are the steps in making an editable flyer in Apple Pages.

1. Decide Your Purpose

The sole reason why one would want to create a flyer is to promote something. However, what type of business flyer? Determine the products or services that you want to endorse. You can promote a real estate, event, restaurant, landscape, boutique, music, photography, or any other enterprise. You can always create any flyer to spread awareness to people, not just for sales. However, flyers are especially more beneficial as a marketing strategy for its proven effectivity.

2. Determine the Target Audience

The unique thing about promotional flyers and any other traditional marketing tool is that it needs targeted audiences and targeted locations. So, determine your target audience depending on the purpose. If it is a photography flyer, you can expect photographers and art lovers to be your target audience. If it is for a music event, you can expect musically-inclined people to be your target. For the place, you have to think of premises that your target audience may flock, just like beaches for surfers, parks for picnic goers, or shopping centers for shopping lovers.

3. Visualize a Design

The design must include all the necessary patterns and illustrations following the purpose of the marketing flyer. If the flyer is for a specific event like a graduation ceremony, you can expect graduation caps, diplomas, and other graduation decors that one can incorporate on a graduation celebration. If it is for a sports flyer, you can expect athletic visuals and sports-related stuff in the design. You have to make the illustrations related to the promoted product, service, or event to attract the targeted audience's attention and interest. You can also refer to some samples online to grasp ideas.

4. Design the Flyer

To start designing the flyer, open Apple Pages in your Mac, and open a new file. Resize the paper in an appropriate flyer size which is 8.5 x 11 inches. Then, insert all the necessary designs to the canvas. In choosing the colors of the flyer, make sure not to use any harsh colors that can disrupt the whole artistic feature of the flyer. You have to limit yourself in putting too much colors since it can become a distraction for the public; the content is what matters more. So, be mindful of choosing your palette.

5. Insert the Texts

The texts include all the basic information that a person needs to know if they are interested in engaging with the promoted product or event. The priority of the content is to answer the What, When, and Where of the advertised business. You have to know which details need more emphasis and which ones do not. Then, after making the flyer, finalize everything. Recheck for any errors, and save the file! Print the flyer and disseminate it to your target audience!

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