How to Make ID Cards in Apple Pages?

ID cards or identification documents or cards are essential for schools, businesses, and organizations for security purposes. Aside from security purposes, identification cards also prove someone's identity. In today's world, identity cards are a must. They have different functions for work, for school, or the government. Moreover, if you want to make ID cards easily, follow these simple steps:

1. Make Your ID Look Presentable

The first thing to consider is to make your ID presentable. Mostly, identification cards represent the school or the brand of a business. So, you need to make it look as presentable as possible. Consider the arrangement of the ID that you will be doing. Even if an identification card is simply a small piece of material, you need to make it look as professional as possible. Never settle for less for it. You need to invest in the quality of your cards.

2. Get The Details For The ID Cards

Before you can start making your ID cards, you need to get the information of the people you are making the cards for. Get information such as the full name, contact number, job position of the employee, and people to contact in case of emergency. These are the general information that you can read from ID cards.

3. Get An ID Card Template

This site has a lot of card templates that you can choose from. We have a student ID card template, a school employee template, and a service card template. So, it's up to you on what ID card will fit your convenience. When you choose a template, take consideration of the look of your ID card. Decide if you need a portrait or a landscape ID style. You can try to look for a sample online to give you a glimpse of these layouts. The most common form is the portrait ID layout. This layout is useful if you want to keep it neat and straightforward. The space on this layout is limited. On the opposite, the landscape layout is good if you're going to add more details on your ID. You have more space to put those details. Choose the template that you think will layout the purpose of your ID cards.

4. Open a Software

To customize your ID card template, you need an application. You can use Apple Pages. This application is accessible to your PC or Mac, so you will have an easier time. Then, start putting the information on your ID template. Make sure that you include the correct details so that you will not start again. Another thing, you need to have a foreground picture of the student or employee that you are making the ID for. Another thing, ID cards have a standard size of 3.375″ x 2.125, which you can follow for your ID.

5. Print Your Identification Cards

When done, print your employee or student identification cards. Decide if you want paper or plastic cards. Then, you can now give it to the students or employees.

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