As busy professionals, we often have a lot on our plate. We tend to forget important events and obligations because we aren't wired to remember a day's information alone. For us to contain all the relevant information, we are advised to use calendars to guide us through our day's operations. Good for you because our site provides Editable Calendar Templates that will be the perfect tool in your day-to-day activities. Check these downloadable templates out in A4 and US letter sizes and in select file formats. Start planning your month ahead with our calendar templates now! 

How to Make an Editable Calendar

According to Time and Date, the Julian calendar was used before the Gregorian calendar (the one we presently use) . It was replaced because of its inaccuracy to show or reflect the actual time the Earth orbited around the sun. The Gregorian calendar was then introduced in 1582.

Below, we will show you tips on how to create your very own editable calendar:

1. Decide on Your Calendar's Size

Decide on your calendar's size or type first before anything else. Is it a desk calendar? Is it a wall calendar? Choose whichever works best for you. There are standard sizes for both desk and wall calendars, but it's up to you if you do not stick with these standard simple calendar sizes.

2. Start with the Creatives

Beautify your printable calendars with elements that will somehow make your calendar creative to look at. You may incorporate artworks, pictures, or whatever floats your boat.

3. Choose Your Calendar's Typography

Aside from its elements, your typography contributes to the overall creative look of your blank calendar. Make sure your choice of typography is comprehensible enough for you and the reader (if you are sharing the calendar with another person).

4. Use Our Templates

If you find the abovementioned steps to be intimidating and time-consuming, don't worry! Our site is here to help you. Explore our countless editable and printable calendars that you can use every day.

5. Have Fun!

Creating your sample calendar doesn't have to be boring as long as you're an artsy person. Incorporate all the necessary elements into your calendar to make it a fun calendar-making experience.

One good thing to remember is that calendars are best paired with weekly, monthly, or yearly planners.

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