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How to Create Editable Charts in Apple Pages

Do you need to produce a report or presentation detailing all your findings without boring to your crowd or readers? If so, all you might need is a tool for visualizing information and the perfect example for such is a chart! Continue scrolling down below for we will show you five easy steps that you can follow in order to create an efficient editable chart for your business using Apple Pages. Other than that, we also showcase our professionally-written editable chart templates that might as well help you with your worries. Here's how:

1. Use Apple Pages as your Editing Tool

Did you know that Apple Pages is a strong word processor that provides you with all the documents you need to produce such as flow charts and others? This software lets you create your document seamlessly without any hassle through Mac, iPad, iPhone or any other online devices. Apple Pages allows you to generate documents that look sensational without effort. Download the app now in case you haven't installed one yet to assist you with your chart making process.

2. Gather the Necessary Data

The second step is that you need to get all the necessary information you need to create your chart. To illustrate, you will need to know the different tasks required to complete your project and the time intervals for each task if you want to create a Gantt chart to showcase the scheduled project of your team.

3. Select a Theme

Now that you have determined the content on your basic chart, you should start selecting a chart design or format. Choose a theme or motif that enables you to easily comprehend how to organize your content. Good graph design also implies paying attention to the color scheme of the graph, formatting headers, font sizes, column widths, and other significant details you want to include.

4. Download a Ready-Made Editable Chart Template Online

Download a ready-made editable chart template based on your chart layout or chart format. As part of this article, we curated a few samples of editable and printable chart templates above. Feel free to take a look and download them at the same time since we made it fully customizable just for you. Customize the chart template you downloaded by replacing with your company's data with all text placeholders using Apple Pages. Then, proofread the final chart template you made to check if there are any missing details you forgot to include.

5. Prepare the Final Output

Now that you already have the content, the design, and the template for your chart, it's time for you to print it if you want to distribute it to the company's general manager. On the other note, you may prepare a creative powerpoint presentation of your organizational chart in front of your clients if you have the confidence to speak in front of your audiences.

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