Football Ticket Templates

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The sound of a foot kicking a football is one of the sweetest sounds to hear if you're a football enthusiast. It's like music to the ears. Billions of people around the world admire the game of football due to its entertainment value and intensity. Fans of the game are always willing to pay the price of an admission ticket to witness live matches. If you're an organizer of football games, then you're in a good business. Since you're here, we encourage you to take advantage of our editable Football Ticket Templates. These ready-made files will enable you to create the tickets for your games in a matter of minutes. You only need to personalize their outline using MS Word, Adobe PSD, Adobe Illustrator, MS Publisher, and Apple Pages. Get fans excited with your football matches with the help of these printable and customizable ticket templates!     

What is a Football Ticket?

Football tickets are small paper documents sold by football tournament organizations to football fans. These tickets are a sort of gate pass for individuals to view a live football game inside a football stadium or arena. A single football ticket typically admits one person only. They can also double as a raffle ticket for a football event with raffle segments. 

How to Create a Football Ticket 

According to an article from, football (or soccer) is the number one sport around the globe with over four billion fans. The history of the sport is an illustrious one that dates back from the 2nd Century. The Englishmen made it into a contemporary sport and made it popular. So if you're part of a football organization that organizes football games, then you're part of a booming sports industry. 

Viewing live football games is of high demand nowadays. If your organization has upcoming football games, then our short guide below about creating sports tickets for football might be useful.   

1. Emphasize the Match's Name/Title

You should emphasize the name/title of the football match on the ticket. It should be the most recognizable component of the ticket since it's what it represents admission for the football game. To do this, you only need to enlarge the font size of the match's name/title. The title of the football match could be like this: "Liverpool V.S. Chelsea."      

2. Provide Info of the Time and Venue 

Your football ticket is not just a document for admission to a football match. It also serves as an invitation for football fans to witness your organization's upcoming football match. And just like an invitation card, your football ticket must convey info about the match's time and venue. So make sure to indicate them anywhere on the ticket for as long as they're readable.   

3. Indicate the Ticket's Value

There are a few types of sports tickets according to the value of their seats, such as upper seat tickets, lower seat tickets, or VIP tickets (the most expensive). Some even have inclusions, such as food and drinks. Also, indicating the value of your ticket is vital for its pricing. That said, make sure to state them on the ticket's interface. See to it also to emphasize the "Admit One" mark to signify that a single ticket only admits one person.   

4. Establish a Football Theme Design

Your football tickets must have an aesthetic that reflects the football spirit. Establishing a football theme on your ticket is also a good marketing strategy to promote the hype and excitement of your upcoming football match. You have the freedom to unveil your creativity in this process. But, if you to save time in creating a ticket with a football theme, consider utilizing our Football Ticket Templates.  

5. Add Football-Related Photographs     

This tip is somewhat similar to the previous one. But in this one, we're emphasizing the attachment of real photographs that are football-related. Doing so will certainly enhance the aesthetic quality of your football event ticket. You can attach images of famous football players, stadiums, or jerseys. It's all up to your preference.